Getting ready to shoot on the CNET stand. Video producer Marc handles the master shot while his American counterpart video producer Richard handles close-ups.
Transatlantic co-operation as British video producer Marc teams up with his American counterpart video producer Richard.
The CNET stand is placed in the broadcast village, home of assorted international broadcasters and media types.
Planning the shoot with video producer Marc. He is Northern. Sometimes we like to refer to him as 'video asset 4315', but he doesn't like it.
Standing by to create podcast magic.
Andy, Luke and Rich discuss the highs and lows of MWC 2014 on the CNET stand.
Luke makes another excellent point.
Video producer Marc can't contain his excitement.
Video producer Marc (who you will never see) and the team -- from left to right, and in descending order of hair product use, it's CNET's Rich Trenholm, Luke Westaway and Andy Hoyle.
Photo by: Sarah Tew/CNET
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