Be my Player Two

Are you looking for the perfect ring to show your love? Say what's in your heart with something gorgeous and sparkly — and full of geekitude.

Michelle Starr
1 of 12 Image © 2013 Zsolt Székely. Used with permission of Zsolt Székely. All rights reserved.

It's dangerous to go alone

Are you looking for the perfect ring to show your love? Say what's in your heart with something gorgeous and sparkly — and full of geekitude.


Jeweller Zsolt Székely has several versions of his Legend of Zelda-themed wedding bands available, but these are our absolute favourite: 10k yellow gold wrapped around a 10k white gold interior, the Triforce symbolising power, courage and wisdom cut out so that you can see the white gold underneath. Inscribed in the two rings: "It's dangerous" and "to go alone". Romantic geeky perfection, right there.

2 of 12 Custom Made

I R2-D2


Tattooists Joe and Emily share a deep and abiding love for Star Wars — so when Joe wanted to propose, he had Paul Bierker of Paul Michael Design create a custom wedding ring based on R2-D2. The top of the ring, featuring a brilliant-cut diamond and baguette-cut sapphires, references the top of R2's head. The band, featuring a brilliant-cut diamond and more sapphire baguettes on either side of the main setting, has been designed to resemble the droid's legs.

The engagement ring is now available to buy here, and matching his-and-hers R2-D2 wedding bands of palladium or platinum set with diamonds and sapphires here.

3 of 12 Gino Arizmendi

Love that's bigger on the inside

From US$395

Gino Arizmendi believes that being a geek doesn't have to mean settling for cheap jewellery. He created his Police Box Ring based on the TARDIS last year, and since then has expanded his collection to include space, more Doctor Who and The Legend of Zelda.

The white gold ring above is made with a one-carat princess-cut stone in the centre; and on each side, three brilliant-cut diamonds or cubic zirconia to represent the Police Box sign, two sets of four baguette-cut stones for the windows and one smaller princess-cut diamond for the Police Box instructions. He can also make a version using all diamonds or cubic zirconia, starting at US$380.

4 of 12 Fire-Redhead

Romance, mobilise!

Leah, AKA Fire-Redhead, loves Decepticons, so her fiance had her favourite bots immortalised to show his love. The ring was created by Jason Gipson of father-and-son Gipson Diamond Jewellers, and is a simple 14k white gold band with a Moissanite solitaire — but the setting itself is carved out with the Decepticons logo. You can see more of their designs, and get in touch for a commission, on their Facebook page.

5 of 12 Ushiyasha

Courage, wisdom, true love

Jennifer Crawford has loved The Legend of Zelda since the age of four, and her fiance was also a gamer — so it seemed fitting that her ring reflect her passion. She designed the ring herself, with a modified Hylian crest in the middle and the Triforce picked out in lab-created white and yellow sapphires, with white and blue sapphires adorning the 14k white gold band. "It only feels only right to have such a ring when my games mean so much to me and my hun," she said.

The ring was created by jeweller Rogers & Hollands in the US.

6 of 12 Strange 1

Insert controller

We love how subtly this ring echoes the object on which it is based: the PlayStation controller. Rather than getting all fancy with the band, made of simple white gold set with a diamond solitaire. On either side of the solitaire, though, are the button symbols from the controller, set with correspondingly coloured stones. Possibly the cutest part is how recipient Brandi Miller's boyfriend gave it to her: in a dinosaur egg on her 22nd birthday. D'awww.

The ring was made by Eskew's Fine Jeweler's in the US.

7 of 12 Wedding Bands Design

The Stargate to your heart


Crafted of 14k white gold and 18k yellow gold, the Chapa'ai ring from Wedding Bands Design is subtle and stylish — but it also has a nifty trick up its... band. The inner ring spins on ball bearings, so fidgety people can pretend the Lego dudes living on their desks are travelling through space. Wait, that's romantic, right?

8 of 12 Homer Liwag

The Saber and the Whip

Homer Liwag loves Star Wars. His now-wife Aimée loves Indiana Jones. While there's possibly a recipe for an argument or two there, the couple decided to celebrate their difference of opinion with their wedding bands — Homer's modelled after a light saber, Aimée's after Indy's whip with a yellow diamond representing treasure, both in platinum.

The pair celebrated their wedding on May the Fourth of this year. We hope they live geekily ever after.

9 of 12 Custom Made

Web of romance


While we're not entirely convinced that Spidey is a good representative for romance, we have to admire the the attention to detail with which our friendly neighbourhood hero was integrated into this 14k white gold ring. Rubies and sapphires represent the colours of Spider-Man's traditional costume, with webbing around the band. The setting for the princess-cut diamond has Spidey's face on the side — and hidden away underneath the stone is the logo he wears emblazoned on his chest.

10 of 12 Custom Made

No cheat code for love


While we very much enjoyed the subtlety of the PlayStation controller ring, this Xbox controller ring is loud and proud. Four controllers are moulded into the silver band, their A, B, X and Y buttons picked out in rubies, sapphires and emeralds for the special player two in your life.

The same jeweller has also created an adorable enamelled Weighted Companion Cube ring. We're not sure which one we like more.

11 of 12 Image © 2011 Cheryl Bolton-Reuter. Used with permission of Cheryl Bolton-Reuter. All rights reserved.

Superman and Kryptonite

Kellan and Katie Potts had one of the most adorable weddings we've ever seen — and more packed with geek references than Comic Book Guy. Their rings were superhero themed. Kellan's ring has Superman's logo on it — because he's Katie's Superman. And Katie's ring was green, because she's his Kryptonite. Katie explained on Flickr, "We each had something engraved on the inside of the other's ring. When we went to read the messages, turned out we both had 'I know' from Empire Strikes Back engraved."

12 of 12 Gillett's Jewellers

One ring for sharing?


Okay. We have to admit, we're just a little baffled by this one. There can only be one wearer of the One Ring, and they're a big ol' bossy-trousers who wants to subjugate everyone under the totalitarian reign of a half-dead evil dude. But it looks pretty. That's all that matters, right...?

Ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.

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