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In response to an online greener gadgets competition, Dutch designer Gert-Jan van Breugel has conceived a fantastic looking phone with components made from completely recyclable bio-plastic and bamboo.

In his submission Van Breugel quotes some pretty unsettling statistics, including that the environmental impact of making a mobile is 36kg of CO2, and that only about 10% of discarded phones are recycled.

Bamboo is a phone designed to breakdown at the end of its usable life. The bamboo component goes in your compost bin and bamboo seeds inside the case transform it into a plant that will offset the environmental impact of manufacturing the phone.

Caption by / Photo by Core77

On top of being a friend of the planet, Bamboo is also quite a sexy handset.

Caption by / Photo by Core77

The Bamboo phone flips open for calling. Do you think bamboo splinters hurt more than regular splinters?

Caption by / Photo by Core77

It might be time to get back into the gym as the Bamboo phone is charged with "muscle power". Van Breugel estimates three minutes of hand-cranking for every call made. Imagine a train carriage full of businessmen furiously cranking their phones.

Caption by / Photo by Core77

An in-depth view of the Bamboo concept phone. The phone is designed to pull apart easily and be completely recycled.

Caption by / Photo by Core77
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