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Apple iPad (2012)

Starting at $500, the iPad isn't the cheapest, but with the largest selection of educational apps of any tablet and access to Apple's iTunes U, you may never have to attend class again. Maybe.

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Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700

Not really into the whole Apple thing, but still want a powerful tablet? The Infinity was made just for you. Or at least someone willing to spend at least $500 on you.

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Nexus 7

It's $300 less than those aforementioned premium tablets, but it's still powerful and easily fits in a backpack.

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Asus Transformer Pad TF300

While its power can't quite match top tier premium tablets, you'll pay at least $100 less for the TF300. That's a $100 to be put toward further educational needs or some noneducational "needs."

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Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet

The Nexus 7 is better for the same price, but the Nook is (currently) easier to find in stores.

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Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch

Being able to actually see your e-ink screen when pulling all-nighters makes late night studying just a tad bit easier.

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Amazon Kindle 2011

Compact, cheap, and with access to a library's worth of loaner books, this may be the most appropriate buy for the struggling student.

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