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HolidayBuyer's Guide

'​Stranger Things'

​Cthulhu Soulless Coffee

Leia 2016

Birth machine laptop skin

Harry Potter minimal

​Popsicle brain melting

'Stand back I got this'

Windows ninja cat riding unstoppable T-rex

"I love programming"

The whiteboard

Justice League

'There is no cloud'

Marvel 'Agents of Shield'

Richard P. Feynman, official cool person

​Schrute Farms beet

​Don't panic


Google MacBook

2Mass New Logo

Bad Wolf

​Sci-Fi Coexist

Never let go of Eggo waffles again. Packs of 21 stickers or magnets are available at Etsy, with prices starting at $6.25 each.

Caption by / Photo by Estelle Morris/Etsy

Do you take your H.P. Lovecraft references with one lump of sugar or two? Place your order at Etsy for $3.95.

Caption by / Photo by Weird Stickers/Etsy

Show that you resist the dark side. Available for $3 at Etsy.

Caption by / Photo by Kelly Design Co./Etsy

Horror artist (and visual guru behind the "Alien" movies) H.R. Giger died in 2014. But he's still in ur machine, freakin' out ur motherboard. It's $30 at Gelaskins.

Caption by / Photo by Gelaskins

It's just a lightning bolt and a pair of glasses, so, yeah, it's everything. iPad skins for $25 each, laptop sizes for $30 each at Society6.

Caption by / Photo by Society6

We think this is what happens when you stare at a screen too long. Get it at Redbubble for $2.40.

Caption by / Photo by Redbubble

You're all 16-bit heart. For $3 at Design By Humans.

Caption by / Photo by Design By Humans

If you know anything about emojis, you already love this. Around $3 at StickerMule.

Caption by / Photo by Tom Warren/StickerMule

This sticker feels your pain...and the occasional joy that keeps you coming back for more. Available for $3 at Redbubble.

Caption by / Photo by Redbubble

Apply the sticker; think brilliant thoughts; scribble away. Get it at DrawAttention. Prices start at $11.

Caption by / Photo by DrawAttention

Keep your friends close; keep your superfriends closer on your MacBook. At The Decal Guru for $13.

Caption by / Photo by The Decal Guru

Go ahead. Bust someone's bubble via your very mean laptop skin. Around $4 at StickerMule.

Caption by / Photo by StickerMule

Reporting for duty, Agent Coulson. Get this one for $5 at Yoonek Graphics.

Caption by / Photo by Yoonek Graphics

When your friends zig to Albert Einstein, you zag. At Redbubble for $2.60.

Caption by / Photo by Redbubble

You are such an "Office" nerd. Geek out for $3 at Etsy.

Caption by / Photo by Sleepy Mountain/Etsy

Make your dog-eared copy of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" proud. Available via Redbubble for $2.36.

Caption by / Photo by Redbubble

Preserve your Mac, but skip the water bath. DecalGirl has it for $10.

Caption by / Photo by DecalGirl

So wrong, but so right. Make this unlikely alliance happen for $9 at The Decal Guru.

Caption by / Photo by The Decal Guru

You know you've been wanting to commemorate the Two Micron All-Sky Survey, so do it for $17 at CafePress.

Caption by / Photo by Best Military and Space Products/CafePress

Rose and the Doctor would probably not approve, but whatever. Available via for $8.

Caption by / Photo by

There's hope for us all, Star Wars and Star Trek fans included. For $3 at Amazon.

Caption by / Photo by Peacemonger/Amazon
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