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Athens' refugee crisis, in pictures

Thousands of refugees and migrants are stranded in Greece. Activists in Athens are helping a few find decent shelter, while others live in makeshift camps.

1 of 20 James Martin, CNET

While working on our Road Trip 2016 summer series "Life, Disrupted" -- about how technology is (or isn't) helping with the global refugee crisis -- CNET reporters often used Google Translate to interview refugees and migrants they met.

2 of 20 James Martin/CNET

No luggage to check

Rabee Abo Tarah's room at City Plaza features twin beds made up with old Hotel City Plaza sheets, a balcony overlooking Athens, a working bathroom and working lights.

3 of 20 James Martin/CNET

Dinner prep

Rokan Mohammad (left) and other City Plaza residents help prepare the evening meal from donated food.

4 of 20 James Martin/CNET

Preparing dinner

Volunteers and refugees prepare dinner for about 400 people living in City Plaza. An abandoned, seven-story hotel is now one of the largest squats in Athens.

5 of 20 James Martin/CNET

City Plaza stairway

A family heads downstairs from their room on an upper level in one of Athens' largest squats.

6 of 20 James Martin/CNET

Kids in the hall

Two boys mug for the camera in the squat's sixth-floor hallway.

7 of 20 James Martin/CNET

Wash day

Children peek through clothes drying on a sixth-floor balcony at City Plaza.

8 of 20 James Martin/CNET

Sheltered by an overpass

A woman walks through a tent encampment beneath a highway overpass in Piraeus.

9 of 20 James Martin/CNET

A Piraeus tent encampment

This gallery is part of "Life, Disrupted," a CNET special report on the global refugee crisis and how tech is helping, if at all. Here we see tents butt up against each other inside a Piraeus storage facility.

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11 of 20 James Martin/CNET

Athens' abandoned Ellinikon airport

Tents line the walkway in front of an abandoned Olympic Airlines' terminal at Athens' old Ellinikon International Airport.

12 of 20 James Martin/CNET

Food aid

Aid groups bring food to refugees in the port of Piraeus.

13 of 20 James Martin/CNET

Killing time

Talking on the phone and playing mobile games helps a young man get through long hours of boredom at Ellinikon airport.

14 of 20 James Martin/CNET

Communications lifeline

SIM cards connect refugees to Greece's mobile carriers, including Cosmote, Vodafone and Wind Hellas.

15 of 20 James Martin/CNET

Carrying supplies

A mother walks with her son as she carries water and supplies back to her tent on the grounds of Ellinikon airport.

16 of 20 James Martin/CNET

Relief from the heat

Young children splash in an inflatable pool to get some relief from the 100 degree heat.

17 of 20 James Martin/CNET

Daily life

A man shave in Piraeus' sparse facilities.

18 of 20 James Martin/CNET

Portable showers

Aid groups installed portable showers at Piraeus.

19 of 20 James Martin/CNET

Child's play

A young girl plays near a creepy statue next to the Olympic Airlines terminal.

20 of 20 James Martin/CNET

Staying in touch

A migrant living at the port of Piraeus checks his phone for messages.

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