Asus Padfone

The Asus Padfone, introduced at Computex, features a 4.3-inch Android smartphone and a 10.1-inch tablet dock. The company hopes to make the product available by Christmas.
Photo by: Asus


Asus didn't provide a lot of details about the Padfone, but the phone portion of the product should offer a 4.3-inch touch screen. The company also hinted that it would run Android Ice Cream Sandwich.
Photo by: Asus


When the smartphone's 4.3-inch isn't enough or when you're running low on battery, you can dock the handset into the tablet. The latter offers a larger 10.1-inch screen with built-in speakers and serves as another battery source. However, similar to the Motorola Atrix 4G and its laptop dock, all the processing power and content come from the smartphone.
Photo by: Asus


A view of the smartphone docked in the tablet.
Photo by: Asus

Streamlined design

A protective cover neatly tucks the smartphone away when docked in the tablet, while still providing access to the camera on back.
Photo by: Asus


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