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3D Flyover is impressive, but faulty

When in a supported city, 3D Flyover views are very impressive, and you can browse smoothly with a high frame rate even on last-gen devices. If you get away from supported cities, there can be severe visual bugs.

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Yelp-powered map info

When you select an icon from the map, or choose a search result, Apple's Maps app shows an info card with contact details, the address, and other info. You also can touch the tabs at the top for Yelp reviews and pictures from the venue, which can be useful.

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Not much at SFO International

Perform a search for the San Francisco airport and you won't get much beyond where the terminals are.

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Map icons offer not enough info

When viewing your area, Apple's Maps app shows icons for restaurants, coffee shops, and other services, but you wont get public transportation details, and you won't get names of establishments without touching an icon. This is not an upgrade to the previous Google-powered Maps app in iOS 5.

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Finally with turn-by-turn directions

Turn-by-turn directions work admirably well up against Google Maps on Android, but it might be at the expense of every other feature.

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