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We've perused Apple's iOS 4.3 software to see what's new from the crazy kids in Cupertino. A beta of the software was released to developers this week, and it will be headed to the rest of us pretty darn soon.

We're happy to see that the software will bring back the screen-orientation lock button to the iPad. We've been missing that little nubbin ever since it was turned into a mute button in iOS 4.2.1. Now, you'll have the choice between the two options.

We're also excited to try out multi-touch gestures on the iPad, although we're not as keen on the full-screen banner ads that are also supported in the new version of the OS. But, since banner ads pay our beer bills, we'll forgive the interruption. 

The update also opens up AirPlay to app developers. That means you could beam the video from an app to your AirPlay-enabled gear, if you can find some. You'll have to stock up on a new AV receiver, Apple TV or speakers to make use of this feature.

To whet your appetite for iOS 4.3, we've highlighted some of the changes that the software will bring to your iPhone in the gallery above. 

Go into the iPhone's settings and you'll be hit right between the eyes with a new location-services option (right), rather than the notifications button (left). Boom!
Internet tethering (left) has been replaced with the sexy-sounding personal hotspot (right), which lets you tether over Wi-Fi instead of just Bluetooth or a USB cable. You'll need to talk to your network about getting it working, though.
The Chalkboard typeface was on the receiving end of plenty of derision when it was added in iOS 4.2.1. It's been replaced with a new typeface -- Noteworthy -- to satisfy those for whom a boring font just won't cut the mustard.
Here we can see that the new Noteworthy font (right) has a bouncy insouciance to it, as compared to the cheeky unreservedness of Chalkboard (left).
It's once, twice, three times a text-message notification, thanks to a new option that will ping you up to ten times upon receipt of a textual missive.


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