Phew! We're only just recovered from last night's Apple music event, where Jobs and co. hit us with a slew of brand new iProducts and announcements. We were right there on the scene liveblogging our little cotton socks off, and we have in-depth previews of every new bit of hardware. Still, we figured we'd walk you through the evening, a little trip down memory lane. Then later maybe coffee, roses...?

Click through the photos above to check out a sultry blend of our hands-on photos and snaps from the event itself. Among the most interesting announcements were:

New iPod nano. Apple's insanely popular dinky noisemaker gets a radical makeover. Gone is the click wheel, replaced with a multi-touch enabled, capacitive touchscreen that you'll be using to navigate the all-new interface. It does come with a clip on the back though, so you can fasten it to your belt-buckle when you go jogging.

New iPod touch. The iPod touch was pretty much an iPhone without the 'phone' part, and Apple has updated the touch to continue this tradition. The touch now features the same cornea-melting Retina Display you see on the iPhone 4, as well as a bunch of new components on the inside, a front-facing camera for FaceTime calls, and a camera on the back. But why is that rear camera such a low resolution?

Apple TV also got a revamp, though we're not convinced the pricing and content offering is going to make UK customers very happy. That said, some things do look good -- the interface remains intuitive, and the actual box that you'll need to funnel streaming video goodness into your telly is smaller than ever. We have some nice shots of the new remote too, if remotes tickle your fancy.

The iPod shuffle also got a radical overhaul -- gone is the faceless matchbox design, and buttons are back in this season! Good news we reckon, especially as it retains VoiceOver -- the feature that plays a creepy synthesised voice over your music to let you know exactly what you're listening to, neatly circumventing the sticky business of the iPod shuffle not having a screen.

There's also a bunch of new stuff headed to iTunes. The next version is called iTunes 10, and introduces Ping -- a musical social network that lets you know what your friends are listening to, so you can chuck more money in Apple's direction with increased ease, and a warm feeling of social acceptance.

All in all, a good night for hardware. Don't forget to click all those links to read our hands-on previews with the new gear, and if you've a mind to, you can let fly with your crazed ramblings on our Facebook wall.

Inside and seated, we're presented with a sea of laptops
While behind us the seats are filling up quickly
Hm. Maybe we shouldn't have taken a picture of this?
Check out those lovely shuffles. A range of colours, and so tiny you could inhale them by accident
The new iPod Touch is incredibly slim
That's the front facing camera, for making FaceTime calls over Wi-Fi
And here's a tasty press shot
We were impressed by the new nano's revamped interface
You can use the touchscreen to twist the display's orientation
And the nano gets the press shot treatment
The new Apple TV box is much smaller than previous iterations...
...and comes with this stylish remote


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