8am, 28 May, Bondi Junction

Early Friday morning, Apple opened its seventh Australian retail store in Sydney's Bondi Junction to coincide with the launch of the iPad.

For more information on the iPad, check out our Launch Centre with news, apps and data plans.

Before the store opened there were rumours of an atrium-designed concept space with a glass rooftop.

Photo by: CBSi

East-side represent

Customers at the front of the queue started to line up early; some even showing simultaneous allegiance to their location and the Apple brand.

Photo by: CBSi

Pumping up

As the wraps come off the front of the store, a throng of employees gather at the front to pump up the crowd outside, chanting "Bondi, Bondi". It's a regular sight at Apple store openings.

Photo by: CBSi

It came from above

The first customers get a glimpse of the iPad, with the strains of Fleet Foxes' Ragged Wood playing off iPod Touches in the background.

Photo by: CBSi

Lines, lines and more lines

After queuing outside to get in to the store, the first customers line up again to buy the iPad.

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Hey mum, I'm on the iPad

One of the first customers to snap up an iPad in the store. Rather than wait to get home, he sets it up with the help of one of the Apple Geniuses. Probably so he can tweet that he got his hands on one of the first Australian iPads.

Photo by: CBSi

At first touch

Now it's finally our turn to get our hands on the iPad. It's a special moment.

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CNET represent

Of course, this is the first site we visit to take a look at the 9.7-inch screen in action.

Photo by: CBSi

Alice in the Apple store

One of the best apps for showing off the capabilities of the iPad is Alice for the iPad. It costs AU$11.99 from the App Store.

Photo by: CBSi


While it's not a dedicated e-reader, the iPad provides a traditional book layout when reading ebooks in the horizontal alignment.

Photo by: CBSi

Slender tales

At just 1.27cm thick, the iPad is slim, but slippery.

Photo by: CBSi


While a crowd of customers and Apple store employees frolic in the background, we're still fondling the device.

Photo by: CBSi

If a tree falls in the Apple store...

...does anybody hear it? Looking up the length of the store, it's not entirely as promised by the rumours. There are four trees at the back in a light, bright area, but not as dramatic as we were expecting.

Photo by: CBSi

Apple trees?

At the back of the store, the trees provide a slight oasis of calm amidst the hustle and bustle of the iPad purchases.

Photo by: CBSi

Sign, sealed, delivered

I'm yours! A customer buys her products wirelessly by signing on the iPhone's screen.

Photo by: CBSi

iPad mania

As usual, the Bondi Junction Apple Store has products set up throughout the area for customers to experience. Here are the iPads before wayward fingers got to them.

Photo by: CBSi

Start them early

This is one area of the store featuring iMacs with a range of games suited for kids.

Photo by: CBSi


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