Apple's new emojis, ranked

Apple released a sample of hundreds of new emojis coming soon to iOS devices. Let's break down what to use ASAP (with the public beta) and what to abandon.

Jason Parker
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29. Vampire

I don't hate vampires, but it seems like there are so few uses for this emoji. 

Unless goths are making a comeback or vampires come back into fashion, this is at the bottom of the emoji pile.

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28. Trench

This just doesn't make any sense to me. If I'm being generous it might mean, "Don't forget your coat!" or maybe something detective-related. But all I really see is some creepy flasher, which, now that I think about it, is probably close to what it will be used for: "creepy."

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27. Orange heart

Yeah, that's what we all need: an orange heart. 

I'm being sarcastic because ... what do we need an orange heart for exactly? I'm sure I'm missing something, but it just doesn't seem that useful.

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26. Shower

I get how this one will most likely be used for when you have to jump in the shower before ... stuff. But it looks kinda weird. 

Had I not known it was called shower, I'm not sure I would have thought of it. It's just kinda steamy and strange.

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25. Mermaid

Is the idea "The Little Mermaid?" Maybe there's a cultural reference here that's going over my head, but this one seems kind of over-designed.

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24. Rock-climb

This one looks really cool, but it's also really specific. I imagine the rock climbers out there will love it and people will have fun with placing emojis beneath it in texts, but it's still far from the best.

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23. Fairy

There will probably be many uses for this one, but I'm not seeing it right now. I suppose you could say something like "Make a wish!" or maybe you'll get this when your significant other does something particularly nice for you. I don't see myself using it too much, but you never know once it gets out there in the public.

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22. Giraffe

This is another one I like, but it's mostly because of a Reddit meme. I love animals, sure, but I just don't see using this one that often.

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21. Dino

I love dinosaurs. People who love dinosaurs will probably use this at least once in a while. I have a suspicion that once people see how I rated this list, it will be this icon next to my name in the chat message.

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20. Cricket


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19. Hat

Beyond symbolizing baseball and hat-wearing people, I'm not convinced this will be used a lot.

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18. Sled

Rosebud. Who knows what meanings people will come up with other than an easy joke and actual sledding, but I admit that I do like the way it looks!

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17. Bad-mouth

This should be higher on the list and it's hard to state why I don't think it deserves to be. I think it'll be used a bunch, but my problem with it is the design. I just don't quite like the way it looks. 

What is my ideal swearing emoji? I don't know, but this isn't it.

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16. Curling

I like this one a lot just because it looks cool. I imagine people will use it mostly for other things than the sport itself, but it's still a great addition. 

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15. Glove

Like the scarf, this one's great for weather-related chats, but I don't think it will be used as much as the scarf.

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14. Scarf

Great any time the weather starts getting cold. It also could be used for fashion or to symbolize the holidays.

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12. Veggie

This could be for vegetarians ordering a grossly healthy pizza, or just for desperate parents texting kids about eating vegetables.

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13. Hedgehog

I can't think of a lot of reasons to use "hedgehog" in a conversation, but you have to admit it's cute.

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11. Pie

C'mon. Who doesn't like pie?

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10. Takeout

When you don't have the energy to cook, just drop this emoji in the chat to see who can get you some glorious takeout. Perfect. 

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9. Dim sum

I had to put a lot of thought into not making this higher on the list. I love potstickers ... but I decided it would be too biased to rate this higher, so No. 9 it is.

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8. Wizard

I mean, it's a wizard. What's not to like about wizards?

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7. Silly

This one's pretty obvious. Any time you get silly or want to comment on another's silliness, this one will come in handy.

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6. Monocle

The perfect emoji for when you're dropping knowledge, and it could also be used sarcastically. You can poke fun at a friend or family member who's getting a little preachy too.

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5. Love

Sometimes you want to throw in a quick "I love you," whether it's with your significant other, family member or close friend. It can even be used as a joke with people. This is high in the rankings because you gotta spread the love.

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4. Shhh

Even though it's pretty simple, this is my favorite of the rest of the group. It has tons of uses when you want something kept secret or even as a playful shushing. I can see so many ways it can be used while joking around. It will probably be one of the most used.

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3. Genderless 3

The top three are the new genderless emojis. Everyone deserves to be represented, so I think they're obviously the most important additions.

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2. Genderless 2

Genderless No. 2, an important addition.

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1. Genderless 1

And that's it for my list. As I said before, everyone deserves to be represented, so this genderless emoji is my No. 1.

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