Apple Collection catalog cover

Fashion blog The Trad unearthed a 1986 Apple Collection clothing catalog that looks like a collision between "The Breakfast Club" and an Apple II. The minimalist brown cover of the catalog belies the bright colors and rainbow logos of the clothing within.
Photo by: Apple Collection

1986 Apple catalog logo sweatshirts

The adult Apple sweatshirt cost $14 in the 1986 catalog and came in red or royal blue. These swanky models look destined for an appearance at the local country club, as soon as they are done waiting for their Macintosh to power down.
Photo by: Apple Collection

1986 Apple catalog sweatshirts

Those black and white shorts look like an early Google logo. The giant sweatshirt is pure '80s. "This thing is big. Our white oversized sweatshirt looks great over jeans."
Photo by: Apple Collection

1980s Apple shorts and hats

"Tennis anyone? The Apple sun visor is made of cotton twill, with adjustable band, terry lining, and embroidered logo." The catalog describes the shorts as "rugged."
Photo by: Apple Collection

Sweatpants and rugby shirts

The Apple catalog from 1986 features plenty of active wear. The $47 hooded rugby sweater comes with explicit instructions. "Put it on and get rambunctious."
Photo by: Apple Collection

Belts and vests

The $5 cotton web Apple belts were made by Patagonia while the $70 lined poly/cotton vest was made by North Face. All three brands are still thriving today.
Photo by: Apple Collection

Shirts for kids

These iPhone users of the future model Apple t-shirts for kids. Note the rainbow Macintosh design on the sweatshirt. You're never too young to be a product evangelist.
Photo by: Apple Collection

Pop-collar polos

Move over, Tom Cruise. These suave guys sport bright Apple polo shirts with popped collars and sunglasses that whisper, "mysterious." It looks like Apple's target audience owned tennis rackets and watched "Miami Vice."
Photo by: Apple Collection

Forgotten '80s Apple logo

Just about every company in the 1980s had an MTV-inspired crazy letter version of its logo. Apple was no exception. The letters look like they were cut out of an issue of "Teen Beat" and then pasted back together. Totally tubular.
Photo by: Apple Collection

Apple catalog sailboard

In 1986, an Apple Macintosh Plus cost $2,600. For less than half of that, you could have bought an Apple-branded F2 America 360 sailboard.
Photo by: Apple Collection


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