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Infinity Blade

Like it's done every year since 1997, Apple has doled out awards to software developers on its platform for well-designed apps. We've rounded up all the winners here. To get the full list, as well as links to them in the iOS and Mac App Store, head to the CNET story about the results.

Pictured here is Chair Entertainment's Infinity Blade, a game that has you working your way around a castle to defeat the dreaded God King.

Caption:Photo:Chair Entertainment Group
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Golfscape GPS Rangefinder

Golfscape GPS Rangefinder by Shotzoom uses augmented reality to help you figure out where to aim your ball.

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Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope by Chillingo and Zepto Lab has players strategically cutting the rope to help navigate pieces of candy down into the mouth of a cute little critter.

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Grades 2

Grades 2 is a personal organizer-meets-motivational tool. Users can plug in their grades to help figure out what needs to be done to hit that next GPA mark, or move up a grade in any particular class.

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Djay for iPad

Djay turns Apple's iPad into a multitrack mixer, letting users blend together two different music tracks from the music library.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Algoriddim GmbH
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Osmos for iPad

Osmos, an art-meets-strategy game experience, has users taking on the role of an organism that needs to absorb smaller organisms to grow, all the while looking out for bigger creatures and environmental dangers.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Hemisphere Games
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Our Choice

Our Choice is a multimedia e-book that covers global warming and climate change with photos, videos, and interactive charts. The app was created by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Push Pop Press
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Pennant is a visual encyclopedia of baseball history going all the way back to 1952, Pennant has data from more than 115,000 games, and presents that with charts and other interactive graphics.

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Pulse News Reader

The Pulse News Reader made a splash when it came on the scene last year. The app is a news reader made especially for touch-screen devices, and delivers news from a number of sources that can be customized depending on what your interests are.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Alphonso Labs
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As the name would suggest, Capo is a music app. It lets users import songs from their music library, which are analyzed to pull out tabs to play on guitars, banjos, and other string instruments.

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Pixelmator is image-editing software that got a big break from publishing on Apple's Mac App Store. During Apple's keynote speech on Monday, the company noted that Pixelmator's developers made $1 million in the first 20 days on the App Store.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Pixelmator Team
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Anomaly Warzone Earth

Anomaly Warzone Earth is a "tower offense" game that uses the long-established formula of setting up defenses to take out wave after wave of baddies. The game is set on Earth, though in the future.

Updated:Caption:Photo:11 bit studios
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