Unlock screen

If you're impatient about seeing Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on your phone (and I don't blame you a bit if you are), this collection of six photos may just assuage your appetite--or whet it! Get the full story here.
Photo by: http://www.droidrzr.com

Home screen

The photos show the stock version of Ice Cream Sandwich, or ICS, on a Motorola Droid Razr.
Photo by: http://www.droidrzr.com

Home screen customization

The language: Italian. It appears that an Android fan from Turin plugged in a local SIM card and side-loaded the code onto a Droid Razr.
Photo by: http://www.droidrzr.com

Notifications tray

One thing you should note is that the finished, official upgrade should have Motoblur branding and visual cues. This most definitely does not. The official U.S. version would likely also bear Verizon branding on the home screen.
Photo by: http://www.droidrzr.com

Phone details screen

In case you needed confirmation, the Droid Razr here is running Android 4.0.
Photo by: http://www.droidrzr.com

Camera app

This camera software looks slightly different than the software I've seen on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus phones, but is basically the same.
Photo by: http://www.droidrzr.com


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