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Initial sketch

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Fitness tracking


Making a call

Coming soon?

Designer Todd Hamilton was inspired by a previous concept of a slim iWatch that borrows from the look and function of fitness trackers like the Nike FuelBand. He sought to make it more usable by giving it a vertical user interface and stylings that more closely resemble something Apple might actually make. What he came up with certainly seems worth forwarding on to Jony Ive.

Hamilton began with the above sketch of a rubber band form factor with a curved screen.

Caption by / Photo by Todd Hamilton
The lock screen of the concept iWatch is a clock and a shortcut to access Siri. Swiping up gets you to the home screen, while a downward swipe can be used to view notifications.
Caption by / Photo by Todd Hamilton
The home screen fits four apps vertically with the ability to swipe up and down for more screens. A physical home button can be found on the left edge of the band.
Caption by / Photo by Todd Hamilton
A watch shaped like a fitness-tracking band might as well be true to form. This is how Hamilton imagined an interface for a fitness tracking app.
Caption by / Photo by Todd Hamilton
The world's tiniest thumbnails permeate the contacts dialog on this iWatch concept.
Caption by / Photo by Todd Hamilton
Hamilton imagines this watch tethered to an iPhone, and that making a call might look like this.
Caption by / Photo by Todd Hamilton
Of course, Apple remains mum on any actual iWatch plans. But in the meantime, Hamilton advocates trying out some swiping motions on your wrist for practice.
Caption by / Photo by Todd Hamilton
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