Amazingly opulent Apple acccessories (pictures)

Bust out the solid gold. Shade your eyes from the bling. These pricey Apple accessories range from the bizarre to the whimsical.

Amanda Kooser
1 of 10 Thomas Deron/Jarre Technologies

$560,000 iPod dock

Most people dock their iPods into small speaker systems that sit on a mantel or bedside table. Those people have no ambition. A true connoisseur won't settle for anything less than a $560,000 iPod, iPad, and iPhone dock that requires a ladder to reach the top.

Once you ascend the ladder of the AeroDream One from Jarre Technologies, you will reach a mighty pinnacle of sound that can only be had by emptying out your Swiss bank account to buy it. These babies don't just pop out of a factory. Each one is custom-made and requires six months to turn it out.

While you're waiting, you can stare longingly at the promotional photo of electronic musician Jean Michel Jarre standing on the AeroDream One ladder, climbing each rung of expensive success.

2 of 10 GnG

iPhone 5 encased in 'Golden Delicious'

Apple isn't the only company that can name its products after types of apples. GnG bestowed the moniker "Golden Delicious" on its super-expensive iPhone case that is designed to scream, "I'm rich!" at anyone who beholds it.

The 18-karat gold case costs about $110,000. If all that gold isn't enough, you can take comfort in the 200 diamonds it also sports. But wait, there's more. The prominent GnG logo gets another 400 diamonds. In the competition to offer the blingiest iPhone ever created, the GnG case is surely a worthy entry.

3 of 10 Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Homemade iPod Nano gold watch

Not every luxury Apple accessory was dreamed up by a luxury designer sitting in an all-white studio with piles of diamonds at the ready. Maker Ted Chapanian crafted a gold iPod Nano watch of his very own.

It took Chapanian 500 hours of work, including some trial and error, to craft the final product. The cost of materials was $2,500. The result is a unique piece of wrist-wear that he only pulls out for special occasions. It goes to show how much you can achieve with a maker mindset and a lot of patience.

4 of 10 Behringer

iNuke Boom beast

Back at CES 2012, Behringer unveiled one of the most absurd iPod docks to ever roam the show floor. The iNuke Boom came with a $30,000 price tag, but what is even more impressive is its sheer size. Talk about bass response.

This beast weighs in at a hefty 700 pounds. Not exactly a bookshelf speaker. The iNuke Boom can shake, rattle, and roll the sound from an iPod out with 10,000 watts of power. The monstrous creation is also 4 feet wide, the exact opposite of a portable speaker.

5 of 10 iRock

Charge your iPhone as you rock

Not all luxury Apple accessories are blinged-out, eye-catching gadgets that hurt your corneas to look at. The iRock from Micasa Lab is actually pretty subtle by those standards. It's a rocking chair that looks pretty normal at first glance. What's different is the ability to charge your iPhone or iPad and listen to music while you kick back and rock.

A generator runs on the rocking power, giving you a fun way to recharge your Apple devices. The iRock comes with a $1,300 price tag and is still listed as being under development.

If it ever comes to market, buyers will have a choice of paint colors to cover the pine wood it's crafted from. The iRock is definitely an interesting mixture of old-style furniture and newfangled electronics.

6 of 10 Lavital

Bed with an iOS app

Most people sleep on regular beds with a frame and a mattress. Maybe if you're really high tech, you have one of those beds that adjusts to your particular sleep style. The Lavital Anemone multimedia bed blows all that stuff out of the water.

Dutch interior designer Robert Kolenik created the Anemone with an integrated Bang & Olufsen television and sound system. So what makes it an Apple accessory? It has its own iOS app that lets you pop out the television and control lighting.

What would it take to get this bed into your bedroom? Only about $45,000. Here's hoping it gives an amazing night of sleep.

7 of 10 Uunique London

Most expensive iPhone 5 case?

Not all iPhone cases are created the same. The Lotus iPhone 5 case from Uunique London was created very, very differently. The handmade case is formed from 18-karat rose gold with pink and white diamonds alongside mother-of-pearl inlay.

The case is tagged with a value of $282,000. There's more than just the case for that price tag. It comes with a bespoke Italian leather clutch purse and wood display box.

Rather than a big flashy logo like the GnG iPhone case sports, this case features a flower pattern for a certain artistic flair. Only one Lotus case was built, making it the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for billionaire friend, assuming you are also a billionaire yourself.

8 of 10 Kyle Buckner Designs

Fancy coffee table for your iPhone

The iTable first came onto the luxury Apple accessory scene back when the iPhone 4 was the standard. The coffee table from Kyle Buckner Designs is a pretty hefty piece of interactive furniture done up in rounded silver lines with a glossy black top.

The iTable features touch controls that let you start and stop your music. The sound comes out of built-in speakers and a subwoofer. Aluminum-trimmed cupholders light up your drinks from below, just to add some oomph to the overall presentation.

Each iTable has to be ordered individually. The price is a bit of a secret and can vary with the options you want, but you'll probably pay pretty well to get this custom piece of furniture.

9 of 10 Chanel

Wrap your iPad in quilted lambskin

Famous fashion house Chanel doesn't call this an iPad case. It's an iPad holder, like it's actually a little valet that watches over your iPad when you're too busy to hold it yourself. Despite that, it is a case, a $2,570 quilted lambskin case that also includes two external pockets, presumably to hold your gold iPhones. At least the overall design is pretty subtle. No one will suspect you just spent five times of the cost of the actual iPad on just the holder.
10 of 10 Video screenshot by Tim Hornyak/CNET

$1.3 million iPhone-controlled robot

A giant 13-foot humanoid mecha may be the most luxurious iPhone accessory ever created. The towering robotic beast known as Kuratas can be controlled from a cockpit or from an iPhone. That's right. While all your friends are using their iPhones to control little flying drones and foam rocket launchers, you will be in control of an earth-shaking armored and wheeled robot that the Transformers would love to have as an ally. Then, you could use its mighty weight to crush all those other, lesser luxury Apple accessories. Oh, the power.

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