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Alcatel One Touch Pop 7

Alcatel added a few new tablets and a pop of color to its lineup at CES 2014 with the One Touch Pop 7. It joins the Pop 8 tablet, a thinner, 8-inch version, however, the Pop 7 doesn't hold a candle to the best 7-inch tablets out there.

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Colorful back, fuzzy front

The One Touch Pop 7 features a 1,024x600-pixel resolution, which is typical for a budget tablet -- in 2012.

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Girthy small tablet

For a small tablet it's lightweight at a little over half a pound. However, it missed the memo on the thin-and-slim trend.

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Simple is as simple does

The basic budget tablet offers few ports for connecting your device.

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Must-have microSD

The Alcatel One Touch Pop 7 houses only 4GB of internal storage. I know, right? The microSD card expansion slot is a crucial feature in this case.

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