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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard this news story from CNET UK to the Airbus aeroplane of the future. We'll be cruising through a selection of photos of the see-through planes that could be taking to the skies in 2050, so please fasten your seatbelt and make sure all electronic devices are turned on.

Airbus has developed designs of the planes that could be jetting us all over the place in 40 years' time. The organic outer wall changes colour, reacting to the light from outside, and even turning transparent.

Airbus says the bionic structure of the jet mimics the efficiency of bird bone, and the plane's membrane-like skin controls air temperature. Seats tilt and adjust to keep you facing towards the light, and heat from your body is harvested to power the lights and in-flight entertainment systems. They also morph into different shapes to fit to your body shape or to your position if you fancy catching 40 winks.

Instead of economy, business and first-class sections, the plane is divided into zones depending on what you fancy doing. There's a relaxation zone in the front and a work zone in the back, with a gaming zone in between. Busy business types can even work on their swing with a virtual golfing environment.

The vitalising zone pumps you full of anti-oxidant and vitamin-enriched air as you enjoy aromatherapy and acupuncture. We wouldn't fancy someone sticking needles in us when there's a chance of turbulence -- we have enough trouble getting our wine in the little plastic thimble they give you, let alone sticking a needle in somebody's pressure points.

We like the idea of different zones, but as busy business class types we wonder how we'd show our superiority to the plebs. Special badges, perhaps. Maybe a little light-up hat.

The futuristic jet plane concept will be on display at the Paris Air Show next week. For planes that are actually flying but are still pretty mind-blowing, take our video tour of the gargantuan Airbus A380.

It all sounds like pie in the sky to us, but click through the photos to see the Airbus concept in flight. What do you think of the jet planes of the future? Plane crazy -- or will they take off? Check in in the comments and proceed to boarding on our Facebook page. Thank you for flying CNET UK.

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The plane of the future has a 'bionic' structure and a membrane skin that goes all see-through.

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The mile-high club. Get it? Club!

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The in-flight entertainment system.

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Good night, frequent flyers.

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