Tsunami wave

A magnitude 8.9 earthquake off the coast of Japan today sends a tsunami ashore into a residential area in Natori, in the Miyagi Prefecture of northeastern Japan.

Editors' note: This slideshow was updated at 8:10 a.m. PT with additional photos.

Photo by: Xinhua/Kyodo

Cars on edge of collapsed road

Two cars hang precariously on the edge of a collapsed roadway in Yabuki, in southern Fukushima Prefecture.
Photo by: Darren Gubbins/AFP/Getty Images/Newscom

Factory building collapsed

In Sukagawa city in Fukushima prefecture, a fire truck stands at the ready by a collapsed factory building.
Photo by: Fukushima Minpo/AFP/Getty Images/Newscom

Traffic jam

Masses of people headed for home as here, in Tokyo's Akasaka district, on foot or stalled in traffic jams.
Photo by: Flickr user <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/43120948@N04/">Hikosaemon</a>

Tsunami timeline

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued this estimate of when the tsunami would reach various parts of the world.
Photo by: NOAA

Tsunami propagation

More vividly, NOAA used a computer prediction system to forecast tsunami wave heights from the Japanese earthquake.
Photo by: NOAA

Tsunami warning for North America

NOAA's tsunami warning for the west coast of North America.
Photo by: NOAA

Contra Costa County tsunami alert

Upon seeing this alert on his TV at 1:30 a.m. PT, San Francisco Bay Area resident Michael Wood exclaimed on Twitter: "Jeez! I've never seen a tsunami warning for Contra Costa County!"
Photo by: Michael Wood

Busy intersection

A normally quiet intersection in central Tokyo was busy Friday afternoon after all trains were stopped following the powerful earthquake.
Photo by: Kristen McQuillin

Packed roadway

A road heading toward the western suburbs of Tokyo is packed with cars and buses.
Photo by: Kristen McQuillin

Commuters on foot

Commuters had to walk home through Tokyo because the magnitude-8.9 earthquake stopped trains.
Photo by: Kristen McQuillin


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