Get fit with Adidas' MiCoach Fit Smart (pictures)

The MiCoach Fit Smart is a wrist-worn fitness tracker from Adidas that monitors your heart rate and lights up different colors to tell you to pick up the pace.

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Get a workout with the MiCoach Fit Smart

The Adidas MiCoach Fit Smart is the latest fitness-tracking watch from the German sportswear giant. It will launch in mid-August, and will cost £199 in the UK, $199 in the US and €199 in Europe.

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Two color versions

The Fit Smart comes in two colors: black or a translucent milky white.

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Monitoring your activity

In addition to displaying the time, the device records your heart rate and activity.

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Heart rate monitor in the back

Inside the wristband is a heart-rate monitor.

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Two sizes for different wrists

The band comes in two lengths for smaller or larger wrists.

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Silicone design and material

Its silicone body keeps it durable, lightweight, and sweatproof, but it doesn't render the tracker completely waterproof.

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Bluetooth to connect your data

The Fit Smart syncs via Bluetooth to record your progress.

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Keeping track of calories

The device estimates how many calories you're burning, but that's never an exact science.

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GPS not included

One thing missing from the Fit Smart is a GPS to map your run, but that's not a problem if you mostly stay in the gym or you're just not a runner.

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Ten hours with a single charge

The device gives feedback by vibrating and can last up to 10 hours with a full charge.

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Easy-to-read interface

Its dot-matrix display tells you how you're doing as you train.

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Works with the MiCoach app

Working in conjunction with a proprietary app called MiCoach Train and Run, the Fit Smart offers coaching feedback and pre-planned workouts, including weekly goals.

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Personal trainer on your wrist

As you train, you can opt for pre-set workouts and the Fit Smart will vibrate or light up to coach you along.

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Can work with Android and iOS

The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, supports 11 languages, and can also be used to adjust settings on the tracker. The MiCoach Fit Smart is out in August.

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