A tour through the Fortnite booth at E3

The Fortnite booth at E3 2018 was one of the largest and most populated attractions to see.

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Take the tour through Fortnite's E3 booth

I took a trip through the mega popular Fortnite game booth at E3. For the folks who aren't familiar, Fortnite is an online battle royale style game where up to one hundred people slug it out at once, trying to survive to be the last one standing.

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Overview of booth

One of the largest booths at E3 this year, Fortnite shows no signs of slowing down.  As an investment in esports, Epic Games plans on providing $100 million dollars in prize money for competitions in 2018-2019.

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Fortnit'ers line-up

Fans of Fortnite line up to get a chance at hands on play at E3 2018.

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Dynamic Duo?

A player can go at it alone, or fight in duos or in squads, trying to eliminate others to become the last one standing.

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Another cool dude

On the screen we see a Bite Mark pick-axe, which is part of the Tricera Opts set.

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A bush to hide in

Here's a person Cos playing as a bush. In Fortnite players can hide within a bush or use a special item bush as a disguise in order to get a drop on other players. This bush was there for photo ops only.

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Tricera Ops Cosplayer

A Fortnite employee showed off her Tricera Ops Legendary skin, a rare item one can buy within the game.

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Chug the jug

In the game, Chug Jugs provide max health and shields.  In this case, a dispenser provides cool, chilly water to this thirsty gamer.

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Llama Loot Popsicles

Watermelon Loot Llama pops were being passed out to the Fortnite faithful.

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Pick axe swag

These foam replica pick axes were there for the taking after gamers finished in-booth play.

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The designs of the merchandise are based on in game "sprays." Hoodies cost $45 and t-shirts $25. 

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Air Drop

Fortnite Air Drop displaying various pick axe skins which can be used to mine wood, stone and steel (used to build defense structures).

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Mechanical Loot Llama

Fans could take a chance on the Loot Llama bucking bronco machine at Fornite's E3 booth.  In the game, the supply llama randomly spawns on the island to provide players with materials like wood, stone or steel along with bullets and other items. The llama is very rare and you might not see it over several games.

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Get on the Battle Bus

Players jump out of the Battle Bus at the beginning of Fortnite: Battle Royale. 

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Battle Bus Balloon

The Battle Bus is held up by a hot air balloon, taking players along a straight line until they jump to their destination. 

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Hovering above the rest

As you can see, the success of Fortnite was very visible at E3 2018. This month Epic says over 125 million players have battled it out since the game's launch.

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