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A classic flip phone, the PCD CDM8635 is sturdy in the hand and well-sized for the pocket or pocketbook. Several hardware and software features make this entry-level handset a good, affordable choice for seniors or those with medical needs.

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Easy on the eyes

With a bright screen, large font, and large buttons on the dialpad, this phone is easy to see and easy to use. Specialized tools within can help offer tips for novice users, and adjust the sound quality for those with hearing difficulties.

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Taking shortcuts

The shortcut buttons are a design strength, with four buttons right below the screen to zoom in on a text field, engage speakerphone, activate the alarm, and open the photo gallery. A 911 button can quickly call for help, and the button below the left soft key will dial one of three emergency contacts.

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Modern touches

The large volume rocker makes it easy to increase or decrease the phone's volume, a plus. Kudos go to the MicroUSM port and the voice-command buttons on the phone's opposite spine.

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Camera basics

The 1.3 megapixel camera shoots blurry, low-res photos. We're not ecstatic about the poor quality, though we do welcome the chance to assign a photo to a contact. Read our full review for more details on this very decent senior phone.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Joshua Miller/CNET
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