Family portrait

For the 24 Hours of LeMons race -- in which a team cannot spend more than $500 on its car -- Porcubimmer Motors turned a superleggera rally car into a real-life version of the Homer-mobile designed by none other than Homer J. Simpson.
Photo by: David Moore/

License plate

The car Homer designed for his brother Herb Powell's auto manufacturer in "The Simpsons" episode "O Brother, Where Art Thou" is a testament to all that is Homer-iffic. We particularly like the "Bort" number plates.
Photo by: David Moore/

The Homer hits the road

The Homer car clocked in fifth in the June 29 Button Turrible race in Los Angeles.
Photo by: David Moore/

Backseat bubble

Bart and Lisa sit in the domed backseat, which in "The Simpsons" came equipped with leashes and muzzles for fighting kids.
Photo by: David Moore/

Refreshment at the ready

Enormous externally mounted cup holders? Check.
Photo by: David Moore/

Green and more green

Homer Simpson may not know anything about design, but he knows what he likes, and apparently he likes green.
Photo by: David Moore/

Bowler onboard

Another realistic touch: the hood ornament of a bowler.
Photo by: David Moore/

Honk, honk

The chrome, roof-mounted horn on Porcubimmer Motors' version of the Homer-mobile even blasts "La Cucaracha," just like it did in the series.
Photo by: David Moore/


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