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Circuit-board truck on Route 66

The International Symposium on Electronic Art was held in New Mexico this year. In this prime example of the art form, Albuquerque artist DocAtomic transformed this old beater truck into the final resting place of many an obsolete circuit board. It's seen here parked along Route 66 in downtown Albuquerque at ISEA's closing block party.
Photo by: Eric Mack/CNET

Circuit-board truck shows its peaceful side

The bed of the circuit-board truck has a certain southwestern Zen flair to it.
Photo by: Eric Mack/CNET

Circuit-board truck's spiky 'do

The circuit-board truck even sports a punk look up top.
Photo by: Eric Mack/CNET

Camera van recycles analog cams

Harrod Blank's "Camera Van" recycles hundreds of old analog cameras into one rolling digital camera.
Photo by: Eric Mack/CNET

Camera van trains lenses on the public

The Camera Van has been filming the public for a few years now as it cruises the country, showing America to itself on video monitors on its side.
Photo by: Eric Mack/CNET

'Grass painting' with a modded weed whacker

Artist James Goedert demonstrates an alternate use for a yard trimmer by attaching a few colored pens and going after a canvas setup on Albuquerque's Central Avenue.
Photo by: Eric Mack/CNET

A student self-portrait in old tech

Students from technology-focused Taos Academy showed off their artistic creations at ISEA, attempting to remake old tech in their own image.
Photo by: Eric Mack/CNET

Heads-up on a bike at ISEA

A popular theme at ISEA seems to be grabbing anything with a circuit or lights and adding wheels to it.
Photo by: Eric Mack / CNET

Robotic cell phone birds

These robotic birds made from old cell phones responded to gallery-goers' movements but didn't seem to worry about protecting their eggs from any evil pigs that might be snooping around. Get the full story behind the electronic avian specimens from Crave's Amanda Kooser.
Photo by: Eric Mack/CNET

A tweetless bird

This robotic bird's components predate smartphones for the most part, which ironically means it would have a hard time tweeting.
Photo by: Eric Mack/CNET

Bunny bones still ready to hop

This creepy robotic bunny skeleton provides a window into a world where Tim Burton got into gears and servos instead of Hollywood.
Photo by: Eric Mack/CNET

A lowrider symphony

Part of ISEA's Route 66 finale was a symphonic performance by local lowriders, with music fed through the cars' radios as they turned and bounced in a sort of metallic ballet. Watch the full performance in Amanda Kooser's post.
Photo by: Eric Mack/CNET


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