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Anyone will be able to download a beta version of iOS 9

In a first for Apple, you'll be able to download and kick the tires on iOS 9 before it's ready for prime time. A public beta will come out in July, where anyone can opt in to try it out. In the past, you needed to be registered as a developer to get iOS updates before they went out to everyone.

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The iPad gets picture-in-picture

Part of the multitasking features heading to the iPad 2 Air is picture-in-picture, a feature that lets you start a video, say from YouTube, Netflix or the Video app, and then jump to another app. The video shrinks to a small floating window and keeps playing on top of whatever else you're doing.

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An app for switching from Android to iOS

Want to make the switch from Android to iPhone? Apple's going to make that process as a seamless as possible with a new app. Built for Android, it will help you back up your photos, contacts, bookmarks, wallpapers, message history and more and then wirelessly transfer that data to an iPhone.

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Physical keyboard shortcuts for iPad

If you hook up a Bluetooth keyboard to your iPad, in iOS 9 you'll be able to use keyboard shortcuts to switch between apps, much like you can on a Mac computer.

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The onscreen keyboard now has lowercase letters

The iOS keyboard now makes it much more clear when you're typing in uppercase or lowercase. The letters on the keys will actually change to reflect the case, so you can tell at a glance which mode the keyboard is it. It's a small change, but one that makes the keyboard less confusing.

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HealthKit will be able to track fertility

A demo on stage at WWDC showed that an updated Health app in iOS 9 will help women track their menstruation cycles and fertility. It also adds new metrics, including hydration and UV exposure.

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An emphasis on privacy

Apple pointed out its privacy tactics and policies several times throughout the keynote. The company wants you to know that it doesn't intend to use your data -- photos, notes, search queries, documents and more -- to learn about you.

Apple's also pushing two-factor authentication with iCloud, which promises to offer better security.

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Screen recording for games

A new programming tool called ReplayKit lets games record your screen while you play and then share the video that's recorded. Developers can build this option into their apps.

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iCloud Drive gets an app

Apple's cloud storage service, iCloud Drive, is baked into iOS, but there is no central place on your phone or tablet to see what is stored in your account.

In iOS 9, that will change with a dedicated iCloud Drive app. It's hidden by default, but in the iCloud Settings menu, you can show it on the home screen.

What you see at left is how iCloud is currently handled in iOS 8.

Photo by: Screenshot by Sarah Mitroff/CNET


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