Intel struts new Core chips, plus tech for drones, wearables and more (pictures)

The chipmaker shows off its recent endeavours at the IFA trade show in Berlin. Here are some of the highlights.

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BERLIN -- Intel is using the IFA tech trade show to give its recent tech endeavours an airing. The star of the show here is the company's just-announced sixth-generation Core chips, which will be powering future computers of all shapes and sizes. Here's a snap of one of the sixth-generation Core chips.

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Here's a "wafer" -- the disc used in manufacturing that contains huge quantities of the new chips, before it's cut up into individual components.

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Intel is also showing its Curie Module, which is a low-power component that's extremely tiny, and designed for powering wearable devices.

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Here's Intel's Kirk Skaugen showing off a drone navigation system equipped with the company's RealSense tech. First seen earlier this year at the CES trade show in Las Vegas, the module attaches to a drone, and stops it from colliding with objects.

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There are six modules inside the system. A drone can use the system's cameras to help find its way around its environment.

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Skaugen also discussed the Peak smartwatch, made by the Intel-owned Basis. Already on sale in the US, it's now available in more European countries, for 229 euros (£170).

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This is a new version of Intel's Compute Stick, which is a tiny PC that plugs into a display via an HDMI port. We weren't impressed with the performance on the last version, so here's hoping this souped-up edition packs more punch.

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There's also a revamped version of the company's NUC mini PC.

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Intel's new chips will be put into forthcoming computers. Here's Skaugen showing off a Lenovo hybrid.

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And here's an Asus hybrid on show. Expect all major PC manufacturers to be outfitting their laptops and hybrid gadgets with Intel's updated Core chips.

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Intel joked that this could be the next generation of selfie stick. It's six GoPro cameras strapped together.

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This setup can be used to record 360-degree video clips, which can be navigated in your browser. You might have seen these online -- indeed we've experimented with it ourselves before. Intel asserts that its chips will do an excellent job of handling 360-degree video.

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This MSI laptop is equipped with a sixth-generation Core chip.

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It can be overclocked to 4.2GHz, which Intel hopes will please hardcore gamers.

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This tiny computer isn't a new model, but Intel has it on show to demonstrate that its high-end Iris Pro graphics will make it into machines of this size. Computers becoming steadily more powerful and more compact was a theme of the company's press conference.

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Finally, another demo of Intel's RealSense tech, this time being used in tandem with Google's Project Tango, which is designed to help devices make sense of 3D space. This demonstration features a shooting game that can be navigated by moving around in the real world.

For the best of IFA 2015, see CNET's complete coverage.

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