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Nicolas Cage pillowcase

The holiday season is here. Instead of getting a boring gift for that special someone in your life, try one of these 40 completely crazy presents. 

Disclaimer: CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured in this gallery.

According to the Amazon listing, this Nicolas Cage pillowcase "can make you have comfortable feelings." And it most likely won't take your face off. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Weitengs
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UFO detector

If you truly believe we're not alone on Earth, then how do you not have a UFO detector yet? 

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Images SI Inc.
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Poop emoji power bank

Charge your phone or tablet with this not-so-crappy USB power bank.

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Bestag
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If you've ever wanted underwear for your hands but you didn't want to wear gloves, then this gift is for you. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Accoutrements
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Old man wall decal

There might not be a weirder gift than giving someone a huge wall decal of an old man

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Wallmonkeys
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Gold water snail masks

This snail extract face mask supposedly improves skin elasticity. 

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Octopus beanie

Keep your head and face warm with this octopus beanie that is a "nice Christmas gift for yourself or friends," per the Amazon listing. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Vbiger
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Batman cologne

You might not be a billionaire like Bruce Wayne or have a cool utility belt like Batman, but you can still smell like the Caped Crusader -- if that's your thing. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Marmol & Son
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Yodelling pickle

This might not be Pickle Rick from Rick and Morty, but it is a yodeling pickle that'll give "hours of mindless entertainment," per the Amazon listing.

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Accoutrements
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Foot hammock

Never know what to do with your feet? Try this luxurious foot hammock.

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Delxo
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Cat mask

Why wear a regular mask when you can get a 10-pack of these cat masks?

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Holika Holika
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Cheeseburger costume

Seriously, who wouldn't want a cheeseburger costume

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Rasta Imposta
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Space cat mug

There is perhaps no greater -- or weirder -- mug than this one of a cat reaching for a cheeseburger in outer space

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Gift Republic
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Unicorn Meat

We're assuming Unicorn Meat tastes just like chicken, but with more sprinkles. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Think Geek
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Unicorn mask and hooves

If Unicorn Meat isn't enough for you, there's always this costume that includes a mask and hooves. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Kingmas
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Money Toilet Paper

Thankfully, this baller toilet paper is triple ply. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via BigMouth Inc
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Bicycle pizza cutter

Cut your homemade pizza in style with this pizza cutter in the form of a bicycle. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via DOIY
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Bloody bath mat

Get this bloody bath mat for the horror film lover in your life. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Spinning Hat
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Bad Air Sponge

Move over, candles. This Bad Air Sponge is the way to neutralize bad smells now. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Bad Air Sponge
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Bulletproof glass

Drink in style with this glass that has a real 0.308 bullet lodged into the side. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Ben Shot USA
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Massage slippers

These odd-looking slippers will massage your feet while you walk. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Kkika
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Dehydrated tarantula

This tin of dehydrated zebra tarantula is apparently a good source of protein. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Newport Jerky Company
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Egg separator

This egg separator might be disgusting, sure, but it is rather efficient. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via LaughMart, Inc.
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Dog toaster

Emblazon your favorite dog breed on a piece of bread with this toaster.

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Creature cups

Liven up your morning routine with these ceramic cups that have creatures inside, including spiders, cats and gargoyles. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Creature Cups
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Rubik's Cube Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers aren't normally weird gifts, but this Rubik's Cube-shaped speaker with lights sure is. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Elegiant
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Silicone spoon holder

This heat-resistant silicone spoon holder might come in a crazy chicken design, but it could prove to be helpful in the kitchen. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Fox Run
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The Farting Animals Coloring Book

Combine your two biggest passions: coloring and farting animals

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via M T Lott
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Ice cream lock

Protect your most prized possession -- Ben & Jerry's ice cream -- with this combination lock

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Ben & Jerry's
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Animal socks

Most people hate receiving socks as a gift, but that's probably because they aren't animal paw socks.

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via FreeNFond
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Edible bugs

According to the Amazon listing, these edible insects are a "perfect stocking stuffer." 

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Newport Jerky Company
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One pound of cherry Starburst

There's no debating that cherry is the greatest Starburst flavor (OK, there's a lot of debate). Now, you can get an entire pound of it. Lucky you!

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Starburst
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Monkey slingshot

Are there more efficient slingshots on the market? Yes. Are they in the shape of a monkey? Nope.

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Playmaker Toys
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Bidet toilet seat attachment

Give a loved one in your life a bidet, if only to see their reaction to receiving it. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Greenco
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Face Slimmer

Perhaps the Face Slimmer will help you create the perfect selfie. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Laviana
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The Face Blanket

If the face slimming doesn't work out, try covering up with the Face Blanket.

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Face Blankets Plus
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Hot dog stapler

Every stapler deserves a comically large hot dog on top of it. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via ToysnPlay
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Instant Underpants

If you ever find yourself in need of a pair of underwear then the Instant Underpants might be for you. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Accoutrements
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Jumbo Penny

This Jumbo Penny is, in fact, rather large, but it doesn't have any monetary value. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via Loftus
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Potty putter

Take your bathroom breaks to the next level with some toilet golf.

Published:Caption:Photo:Amazon via SYZ
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