24 'Stranger Things' gifts for obsessed fans

Being obsessed with "Stranger Things" isn't strange at all. Indulge those in your party with these gift suggestions from CNET's sister site, Guide.com.

The Guide staff
1 of 25 Red Bubble

Phone case

We promise this case will not make your phone blow up like Joyce's phone did. It protects it from bumps and falls (and the odd Demogorgon) and looks mighty good doing it.

Available at RedBubble for $25

The original version of this list appeared on CNET's sister site, Guide.com.

2 of 25 Urban Outfitters

'The Book of Barb'

Touted as a guidebook for the tragically uncool, "The Book of Barb" is a celebration of all associated with the glorious bespectacled nerd who quickly became the most popular girl on the internet. Follow the advice, but try to avoid a similar fate.

Available at Urban Outfitters for $15

3 of 25 Amazon

Hawkins Middle School AV Club sweatshirt

You know you'd be best friends with Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will if you lived in Hawkins in the 1980s.This sweatshirt unequivocally shows which tribe you belong to.

Available on Amazon starting at $25

4 of 25 Amazon

Eleven figurine

Who doesn't want constant reminders of breakfast treats? We should all strive to be more like Eleven. Brave, smart, a master of telekinetic abilities and full of waffles.

Available on Amazon for $10

5 of 25 Hot Topic

A warning you can wear

Hopefully, your child will never be communicating with you through Christmas lights, but if they do, you'll know the best way to decode their messages. Let's just hope that if you're in danger, your kid will be as quick to warn you as Will. Also, this necklace is really neat.

Available at Hot Topic for $9.50

6 of 25 Mangier Things

'Stranger Things'... and cats poster

Joyce, Hopper, Brenner, Eleven and of course Barb. The gang's all here on this awesome poster and they are adorable.

Available on Etsy for $24

7 of 25 Red Bubble

How to talk to the Upside Down sticker

Now you can do almost anything from your laptop -- answer emails, tweet and communicate with the Upside Down.

Available on RedBubble for $25

8 of 25 Red Bubble

Tote bag for your next D&D tournament

With Dustin, Lucas, Mike, Eleven and an Upside Down Will, this bag is perfect for toting around must-haves like your Dungeons & Dragons manual and a few d20s. Or, I suppose, your lunch and some books. Be creative!

Available on Redbubble starting at $21

9 of 25 Hot Topic

A pin with a gentle reminder

Such sage words from such young folks. Remind yourself and everyone around you that to be a friend, you should always be truthful.

Available on Hot Topic for $6

10 of 25 Amazon

A strange soundtrack

If you're an true fan, you need the Stranger Things, Vol. 1 Soundtrack. Every so often, some eerie '80s synth really hits the spot. Listen as you go about your totally normal, everyday activities, such as hunting down missing children and calming down Winona Rider.

Available on Amazon starting at $9.50

11 of 25 Amazon

A bag for keeping your Eggos

This bag just has so much going on -- Eleven and Mike, waffles, an E.T. homage. And it keeps your lunch safe!

Available on Amazon for $20

12 of 25 Amazon

A mug to hold your precious, precious coffee

For those mornings when you're channeling Police Chief Jim Hopper and need to mull things over with a steaming cup of coffee.

Available on Amazon fro $15

13 of 25 Red Bubble

A notebook for your strangest thoughts

The notebook features, in this humble writer's opinion, the best quote from "Stranger Things." Use it to jot down notes, plans to escape otherworldly monsters or even a simple "To Do" list.

Available on RedBubble for $13

14 of 25 Amazon

Joyce’s Xmas lights mug

There's no question, the Xmas lights that Joyce Byers hung in her house are perhaps the most iconic imagery from the first season of "Stranger Things." Now you can enjoy them every morning with a cup of tea!

Available on Amazon from $13

15 of 25 Think Geek

Wear your allegiance on your slee… er… back

This one is a two-fer, as it's perfect both for "Stranger Things" fans and Dungeons & Dragons fans. Featuring the Demogorgon, wearers can show reverence to this most scary of monsters.

Available at Think Geek for $40

16 of 25 Red Bubble

A T-shirt for Barb

Spread the word! Barb deserved better!

Available on RedBubble for $19

17 of 25 Amazon

A delicious waffle purse

OK, this bag is awesome. It's just big enough to fit all of your essentials without being unwieldy and is shaped like Eleven's favorite food.

Available on Amazon for $20

18 of 25 Hot Topic

A pin that speaks so you don’t have to

Completely useless until you get your morning joe? Just pop this pin onto your lapel and point whenever someone comes at you with a question before you have your caffeine.

Available at Hot Topic for $6

19 of 25 Amazon

The best cap in town

Um, Dustin is the best character on "Stranger Things." This hat is a good start to show your love.

Available on Amazon for $10

20 of 25 Walmart

Statement shirt

Want to know who in a 10-foot radius has seen "Stranger Things?" Just don this T-shirt and they will almost certainly come over to strike up a conversation.

Available at Walmart for $21

21 of 25 Amazon

A game for hours of fun

Looking to put down the video game controller, if only for a little while? Enter the world of Dungeons & Dragons! Grab a couple d20s and get going.

Available on Amazon for $17

22 of 25 Hot Topic

An adorable reminder to make good decisions

Barb was right about a lot of things. Every time you need to make a hard choice, look to this teeny version of Barb. She'll point you in the right direction.

Available at Hot Topic for $8

23 of 25 Etsy

Waffle-y scented candle

You don't always have enough time to fire up the waffle iron. This is the perfect substitute when you're short on time but want to fill your home with delicious smells.

Available on Etsy for $7

24 of 25 Think Geek

Activity book

Where's Barb? Where could she be?! This book is full of illustrated scenes straight out of "Stranger Things," and all of them are hiding our favorite red-head.

Available at Think Geek for $14

25 of 25 MarK Hobbs

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