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Perseids over Kansas

Each August, the Perseid meteor shower lights up the night sky, sending patient photographers outside with their best gear.

Photographer Bill Coulter caught this dusky view with Perseids and Mars accompanying the Milky Way over Hillsdale Lake in Kansas.

Published:Caption:Photo:Bill Coulter
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Medieval meteors

David Pratt chose a historic spot to photograph the Perseids over the Gatehouse in Northumberland, UK.

Published:Caption:Photo:David Pratt
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Aloha, meteors!

Flickr photographer Jim Denny caught Perseids and palm trees from the island of Kaua'i, Hawaii.

Published:Caption:Photo:Jim Denny
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Perseids at the Pinnacles

This stunning image is a four-shot pano from the Trona Pinnacles in the California Desert National Conservation Area. 

"I managed to get Mars, Jupiter and several Perseid meteors in this series of shots," says photographer Tom Grubbe.

Published:Caption:Photo:Thomas R. Grubbe
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Family time

Nothing like a night under the (shooting) stars, according to Virginia shutterbug Rex Robichaux.

Published:Caption:Photo:Rex Robichaux
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On the (star) trails

Luis Felipe Sanchez used time-lapse photography to grab star trails and a few Perseids on the night of August 10 to 11.  

Published:Caption:Photo:Luis Felipe Sanchez
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Excellence over England

Nick Lucas photographed Perseids backed by a purple sky from the southern UK.

Published:Caption:Photo:Nick Lucas
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Behind the shed

Beauty can be found behind outbuildings, as in this snap from UK photographer Richard Lay.

Published:Caption:Photo:Richard Lay
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New Mexico earns its nickname -- Land of Enchantment -- in this photo from Mike Lewinski of Tres Piedras.

Published:Caption:Photo:Mike Lewinski
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A gathering over Germany

Luis Calcada created this composite of seven shots, looking at the center of the Milky Way from Ammersee, near Munich, Germany.

Published:Caption:Photo:Luis Calcada
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Garden party

Colin McIntosh shot this stunner from his garden in Hampshire, UK.

Published:Caption:Photo:Colin McIntosh
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Cruising through Cygnus

Steve Knight captured the shower against the Cygnus, the swan. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Steve Knight
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What a Finnish!

Mika Wist created this composite of some early Perseids flying to their ends over Finland.

Published:Caption:Photo:Mika Wist
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Solo shooting star

"The best of a bunch I caught of the Perseids last night, battling with a foggy lens here and there," says UK photographger Steve Geliot. "I love the colours in the tail."

The Perseids can still be seen in lower number through late August and will return again in full force next year. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Steve Geliot
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