2016 gift guide: 'Doctor Who' edition!

These quirky gifts are sure to please any companion this side of Gallifrey.

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1 of 20 BBC Shop

Dalek Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head is a classic, iconic toy. "Doctor Who" is a classic, iconic TV series. Combine the two and you get this, a build-your-own Dalek kit with a plastic potato for a base.

Playskool's Doctor Who: Dalek Mr. Potato Head is available through the BBC Shop for $23.98.

2 of 20 BBC Shop

Funko Pop! Doctors

No matter which Doctor is your companion's favorite (we love the David Tennant's Tenth, shown here with his own severed hand), Funko has you covered -- the company makes its popular Pop! vinyl figures for each of the twelve.

You can find the figures at the BBC Shop for $10.98, and likely anywhere else Funko Pop! vinyls are sold.

3 of 20 BBC Shop

Deluxe Blue Dalek Talking Plush

Extermination has never been so plush and cuddly! This 15-inch plushie speaks two different phrases when you squeeze him: "Exterminate! Exterminate!" and "You would make a good Dalek."

You can buy the Deluxe Blue Dalek Talking Plush (also available in red) at the BBC Shop for $63.98, though you may be able to find it much cheaper on Amazon.

4 of 20 Target

Tardis Lego set

This 625-piece Lego set includes both aspects of the Tardis: the smaller-on-the-outside blue police box exterior and its detachable, larger-on-the-inside control room. It also comes with four mini-figures (the Eleventh Doctor, the Twelfth Doctor, Clara and a Weeping Angel) and two Daleks.

You can find the Tardis Lego set at Target.com for $53.

5 of 20 ThinkGeek

Tardis string lights

These officially licensed Tardis string lights add Whovian flare to any tree or holiday display. Each 9-foot string contains 10 lights, though you can connect multiple strings together to make any length you'd like.

You can find these Tardis string lights at ThinkGeek for $20.

6 of 20 BBC Shop

Dalek string lights

Or, for a slightly more expensive option, check out this 9-foot string of 10 Dalek lights.

They're available at the BBC Shop for $41.98.

7 of 20 USAopoly

'Doctor Who' Monopoly

Rather than the traditional Atlantic City street names, the properties in this Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collectors Edition Monopoly are named after iconic "Doctor Who" episodes.

Its tokens, too, have a Whovian flair: the sonic screwdriver, the Seventh Doctor's umbrella, the Second Doctor's recorder, the Fifth Doctor's celery, the Eleventh Doctor's bow tie and the Fourth Doctor's scarf.

You can find this game, along with the Monopoly: "Doctor Who" Villains Edition, at GameStop for $19.97.

8 of 20 ThinkGeek

Sonic screwdriver pizza cutter

In the series, The Doctor's sonic screwdriver has many functions: It empowers The Doctor to control or disable machines, provide geolocation, burn things and screw screws. One thing it doesn't do, though, is cut pizza...until now.

This pizza cutter, modeled after the Eleventh Doctor's version, is available on ThinkGeek for $10.

9 of 20 BBC Shop

Lidded Tardis coffee mug

If you're looking for a "Doctor Who" mug, there are no shortage of options available. Our favorite of the bunch, though, is this 15-ounce Tardis mug with a removable lid.

You can find it at the BBC Shop for $22.98. A silver 50th anniversary version is available for $34.98.

10 of 20 BBC Shop

'Doctor Who' mini ornament set

Don't forget the ornaments! This four-piece set includes a Weeping Angel, Adipose, Dalek, and Cyberman.

You can find the "Doctor Who:" Mini ornament set at the BBC Shop for $17.98.

11 of 20 BBC Shop

Tardis with wreath ornament

Of course, no "Doctor Who"-themed tree would be complete without this glass Tardis ornament, festooned with a holiday wreath.

You can find them at the BBC Shop for $11.98 each.

12 of 20 Hot Topic

'Doctor Who' cookie cutters

Oh, I'm sorry, are you still making cookies in the shape of trees, stars and gingerbread men? Forget that. This year, bring some sweet, Who-themed cookies to all your holiday events.

This set of five (Tardis, Cyberman, K9, Sonic Screwdriver, Dalek) is available online at Hot Topic for $17.85.

13 of 20 ThinkGeek

Adipose stress toy

Let's face it, everyone could use a little bit of stress relief during the holiday season. This officially licensed, human-fat-inspired, sentient stress ball melts tension away after a few not-so-gentle squeezes.

You can find this bouncy baby boy on ThinkGeek for $25.

14 of 20 ThinkGeek

Weeping Angel earrings

No one will dare look away from these French-hook style earrings. Or else.

They're only $7.49 at ThinkGeek, making them an excellent stocking stuffer.

15 of 20 ThinkGeek

The Fourth Doctor's scarf

The Fourth Doctor is almost synonymous with ridiculously long multicolored scarves. With this 12-foot worsted weight yarn scarf from ThinkGeek, all the Time Lords on your gift list can match Tom Baker's classic '70s style.

You can find the Fourth Doctor's scarf at ThinkGeek for $50.

16 of 20 Hot Topic

'Doctor Who' coloring book

Like bowties, glasses and fezzes, adult coloring books are cool. This 96-page book (with 45 pages to color) features many of the series' iconic Doctors, scary (and cheesy) aliens and more.

You can find it online at Hot Topic for $10.49.

17 of 20 ThinkGeek

Tardis fleece throw blanket

When it's cold outside, The Doctor can simply transport himself to a place that's much warmer. This 50-by-89-inch Tardis throw blanket is a lower-tech solution for the rest of us.

You can find this 100 percent polyester fleece throw at ThinkGeek for $30.

18 of 20 Penguin

'Doctor Who:' 12 Doctors of Christmas

Aimed squarely at young adults, this new-for-2016 book features 12 illustrated Christmas stories, one for each of the series' Doctors. The stories are by best-selling "Doctor Who" writers, including Jacqueline Rayner, Colin Brake, Richard Dungworth, Mike Tucker and Scott Handcock.

You can find it in hardcover at Barnes and Noble for $12.17.

19 of 20 BBC

'Doctor Who' Christmas specials gift set

The Christmas season just isn't complete without carnivorous snowmen and a horde of murderous Santas.

This gift set includes three Blu-ray discs with 11 recent "Doctor Who" Christmas Specials (2005-2014). It also comes with a replica of the Twelfth Doctor's sonic screwdriver that lights up and makes sounds.

The Blu-ray set is available for $42.98 on the BBC Shop.

20 of 20 ThinkGeek

'Doctor Who:' '50 Years in the Tardis' vinyl box set

Music is a huge part of the "Doctor Who" experience. This limited edition, 4-disc set features 50 tracks from the series 50-plus-year run, including the various themes and a previously unreleased track. The only catch: You may need a Tardis of your own to find a turntable.

You can find the set in metallic silver vinyl at ThinkGeek for $70.

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