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What's better than a cast-iron set? A $17 cast-iron set

A Black Friday steal you need to jump on while supplies last...

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Fact: Every cook needs a superior set of quality cast-iron pans. And if your grandmother's storied cast-iron pan has yet to be passed down to you, that's no matter, but it's time you did invest in one. After all, cast-iron cookware is not only sturdy, but it lends itself well to frying eggs, braising meats and slow-cooking your favorite stews. And the more you use and season your cast-iron pans, the better they get.

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So when we say it's time to invest in some cast iron, well, we mean right now. Walmart has marked down an Ozark Trail cast-iron skillet set ahead of Black Friday, complete with three pans at different sizes, from $27 to a mere $17. A single cast-iron pan can be priced anywhere between $10 and over $100, depending on the quality and make, so we think this Walmart offering is a real steal. When's the last time you purchased three pans for under $20? 


This cast-iron skillet set from Ozark Trail consists of three durable cast-iron pans featuring an easy-pour lip on two sides and a divet in the handle, so they can be hung up while you're not using them. The pans are so sturdy that one pleased shopper insisted that, "These will last the next hundred years beyond a doubt." The pieces range in size, from 8-, 10.5- to 12-inch skillets, and each one is pre-seasoned with natural plant oil. Put them on the stove or in the oven for just about anything, from baking to broiling to frying and making your favorite stews.  

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