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Uber wants you to hop on electric bikes, scooters for short trips

CEO Dara Khosrowshahi is playing the long game.

Controversial E-Scooters Around Los Angeles Stir Debate And Anger

Uber says electric scooters and bikes are better suited than cars for inner-city travel.

Mario Tama / Getty Images

Uber wants you to shift from cars to electric bikes and scooters for short city trips.

The ride-hailing giant reportedly plans to put more emphasis on electric bikes and scooters, saying they're better suited than cars for inner-city travel.

"During rush hour, it is very inefficient for a one-tonne hulk of metal to take one person 10 blocks," Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi told the Financial Times in an interview published Monday. "We're able to shape behaviour in a way that's a win for the user. It's a win for the city."

Khosrowshahi did admit, in the short term, that the move could mean a financial hit for Uber drivers and the company, according to FT.

Uber acquired the bike-sharing startup Jump in April, which has bikes in cities including Washington, Denver and New York. The company also won a  recommendation to operate electric scooters in Santa Monica, California, and is also one of 12 companies vying for five permits to operate electric scooters in San Francisco.

In April, San Francisco capped the number of scooters allowed in the city after residents complained they were endangering pedestrians and blocking parking spots and wheelchair access. Some scooters were also damaged or hijacked