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11 CES videos you have to watch

From a gigantic laptop to a car that parks itself, these videos tell the story of the show. As CES winds down, here's the coolest and weirdest tech we saw.

CES 2017 has been a whirlwind of gadgets, cars and Alexa-integrated appliances. If you can't be in Las Vegas to take it all in -- and trust me, it's a lot to absorb -- there's no better way to experience the tech of today, tomorrow and possibly never than through video.

For the armchair attendee, the CNET TV has spent the last week capturing what we saw. Here are the videos you need to see and for everything CES, see CNET's complete coverage.

Now playing: Watch this: Razer's triple threat: The tri-screen Project Valerie...

Razer's three-screened gaming monster, Project Valerie, has a trio of 17-inch 4K displays. That's right. A laptop that comes with three displays.

Now playing: Watch this: A quick ride in Faraday Future's blisteringly quick FF...

This prototype of the FF 91 may lack an interior, but it still goes like hell -- and parks itself, too.

Now playing: Watch this: Samsung's craziest washer and dryer yet

Yeah, it surprised us, too. But Samsung's multi-unit washer/dryer pair is seriously bonkers.

Now playing: Watch this: Incredible LG OLED TV hangs totally flush against the...

The LG W7 series TV strips television's form to the bare minimum but still delivers the world-beating picture quality of OLED.

Now playing: Watch this: Noted everyman Nick Offerman warms up the CNET stage...

At a show dominated by gadgets and concept technology, actor and comedian Nick Offerman joined Jeff Bakalar on stage to talk about a form of human expression that has survived the technological revolution.

Now playing: Watch this: LG's best LCD TVs boast improved picture, lots of HDR...

This Super UHD LCD costs less than LG's OLED sets and can't match their picture quality, but LG says they're much improved over last year.

Now playing: Watch this: Psst! We saw BlackBerry's next keyboard phone

BlackBerry and keyboards go together like peanut butter and jelly on the phone known as 'Mercury'.

Now playing: Watch this: Aristotle is a voice assistant that grows up with your...

The Aristotle is a $300 gadget that's like a kid-friendly Amazon Echo, a baby monitor and a learning toy all in the same package.

Now playing: Watch this: Under Armour's smart shoe tells you if you're tired

Sore from yesterday's run? Under Armour's next-gen smart shoes can tell, and will give you recovery tips.

Now playing: Watch this: Hands on with Kuri -- an adorable wandering security...

Imagine if you had a cartoon character roaming your floors, watching your kids, and telling them stories -- that's Kuri.

Now playing: Watch this: This is what a $9,000 laptop looks like

The Acer Predator 21 X is a ginormous gaming laptop with a 21-inch curved screen.