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Digital Media

New York Times throws in free Spotify Premium with digital subscriptions

The newspaper and music service team up with a two-for music and news deal available to new US-based subscribers of both services.

Screenshot: Dan Ackerman/CNET

If you've been burning through your 10 free articles per month and thinking about getting a paid New York Times digital subscription, the news giant is adding a new incentive.

New Times digital subscribers will also get free access to Spotify Premium if they sign up for a one-year all-access plan. The plan the deal applies to costs $5 per week for the first year, and $6.25 per week after that, and includes access to the Times website and tablet/mobile apps. That works out to $260 for the first year, while a Spotify subscription alone will run you $120 per year.

Note that this offer is only good for new US-based subscribers to the Times, and new Spotify subscribers, according to a press release from the Times: "The special offer requires a one-year commitment and is available for a limited time to US residents who are not current subscribers to The New York Times or Spotify Premium."


A potentially better deal, if you're not interested in the Spotify subscription.


I've always found the Times digital subscription pricing a bit foggy, with multiple deals and discounts available, from six months of heavily discounted access to better deals with annual one-time payments. The best deal I've seen today is $2.75 per week for website and app access, if billed annually.

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