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'Crowd Control: Heaven Makes a Killing'

In 2051, immortality is within reach and some are just dying to live forever. Read the first crowdsourced science fiction novel written by CNET readers.

'Crowd Control,' our crowdsourced science fiction novel, starts here

Read the first installment of "Crowd Control: Heaven Makes a Killing," a science fiction novel written and edited by CNET readers around the globe.

'Crowd Control' part 2: Heaven is on Earth, just not this one

CNET's crowdsourced science fiction novel continues, revealing the secrets of the afterlife.

'Crowd Control,' part 3: Forever young is so cliche...

It's becoming possible to live much longer on Earth, but not everyone is excited about the high-tech fountain of youth.

'Crowd Control,' part 4: When your parents give you life...and superpowers

We meet another of humanity's heroes -- and take a ride in a Quetzalcoatl M-8.

'Crowd Control,' part 5: Who will make heaven great again?

We eavesdrop on a conversation in what seems to be the afterlife, and things there might not be as perfect as you'd guess.

'Crowd Control,' part 6: Death you can believe in

Meta is assigned his first mission, and it will take him to corners of the multiverse you might recognize.

'Crowd Control,' part 7: 'Mom's not dead, she's just in another universe'

There's lots of family drama going down with the Parkers -- and an experiment may have gone too far.

'Crowd Control,' part 8: Traveling between universes requires a new body

Visitors from another universe arrive via a very unusual vehicle.

'Crowd Control,' part 9: The shot heard around the multiverse

A spy from a parallel universe co-opts a convenient body and then derails a talk show appearance to foment an uprising.

'Crowd Control,' part 10: The road to death goes through Delhi

Rebecca Danish removes the nanobots that keep her young, leaving her with little time left to change the world.

'Crowd Control,' part 11: Going through hell to get to heaven

In this installment of CNET's crowdsourced science fiction novel, we pass through a border checkpoint on the way into a parallel universe.

'Crowd Control,' part 12: It's a small world, even in another universe

One of our heroes tours an alternate Earth. And we learn there are no coincidences in the new quantum reality.

'Crowd Control,' part 13: An accidental tourist in a Utopian Mexico

Our heroic experimental quantum theorist comes to terms with where her long journey has taken her -- to a place that's an awful lot like Mexico City.

'Crowd Control,' part 14: Dying for a family reunion

Our young hero is determined to find out what happened to her mother, even if it means leaving this universe.

'Crowd Control,' part 15: Heaven isn't big enough for everyone

A war on Earth is spilling over into a parallel universe, threatening to slam the gates of heaven shut.

'Crowd Control,' part 16: Paving a road to heaven with blood on Earth

An unlikely leader of the revolution opposing longevity technology refuses to give up the fight.

'Crowd Control,' part 17: Back to hell on Earth like a bat out of heaven

Three heroes finally join forces to level the playing field between heaven and Earth.

'Crowd Control,' part 18: Love resurrected, a family destroyed

A couple is finally reunited under the most unlikely circumstances, while a brilliant scientist's ambition leaves him alone and in despair.

'Crowd Control,' part 19: Reunited, and it feels so not dead anymore

In the latest installment of CNET's crowdsourced science fiction novel, Cindy Parker becomes Earth's most well-traveled resident and Meta plans a return trip as well.

'Crowd Control,' part 20: When the dead fight back

The borders between life and death get twisted for a new kind of war on Earth.

'Crowd Control,' part 21: What comes after the zombie apocalypse

The resurrection war on Earth resolves and humanity turns to the true threat.

'Crowd Control,' part 22: Spies in heaven

In the finale of CNET's historic crowdsourced sci-fi novel, the war on Earth is over, but the story of the multiverse may just be getting started.