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Moving On will be the first drama to premiere on BBC iPlayer

This autumn, iPlayer is getting its first drama premiere in the form of Moving On, which will be shown on telly at a later date.

This autumn, daytime show Moving On will be the first drama to premiere on the BBC's iPlayer service. Previously, the service has stuck to debuting chucklesome shows like Jack Whitehall's Bad Education.

There's no air date yet, just sometime in the autumn. It's the fifth series of the acclaimed show, created by EMMY- and BAFTA-winning writer Jimmy McGovern (he of Cracker and The Lakes fame). It'll feature five standalone films, all of which will be available at once. Two of them will be directed by Johnny Vegas.

So why is it premiering on iPlayer? It's part of the BBC Trust's approved trial to "explore the role of online premiering across a range of genres and channels", the Beeb said. So we can expect more shows of all kinds to find their way first to the BBC's online service.

"We couldn't be more delighted that Jimmy McGovern's Moving On will be the first drama series to premiere on BBC iPlayer, in its entirety," said Victoria Jaye, head of TV content for BBC iPlayer.

"As an established drama in the daytime schedule, the series premiere on BBC iPlayer will be both a gift to loyal viewers and an unprecedented opportunity for a wider audience to enjoy these five standalone films across multiple devices, and at a time that suits them."

There's been a 43 per cent growth in iPlayer usage over the last year, Jay added. Drama has accounted for almost a third of total viewing.

iPlayer is becoming more bespoke, thanks to the My BBC service, which was unveiled recently. Shows are now available to watch up to 30 days after broadcast, instead of the previous seven. And there are special online-only channels, too.

Is online the future of telly? Do you still sit down with your family or housemates and watch together? Or is watching TV a much more solitary act now? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.