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New My BBC gives you more control over iPlayer

The BBC wants to put even more "I" into iPlayer, while Radio 1 is expanding beyond the radio.

The BBC wants to put even more "I" into iPlayer with plans for you to personalise the service with My BBC, while Radio 1 is expanding beyond the radio with a new video channel.

Online catch-up and viewing service iPlayer is at the heart of My BBC, the next step for the BBC into the digital, multimedia, phone-and-tablet age.

The plan is to personalise the choice of BBC programmes offered to you when you use iPlayer, whether you love Top Gear and The Great British Bake Off or The White Queen and Doctor Who -- or perhaps The Archers and Test Match Special is more your cup of tea.

The Guardian reports that the Beeb's enhanced digital direction will be revealed tomorrow by director general Tony Hall as Auntie adapts to a new age of television and radio played on things other than, er, televisions and radios.

A third of iPlayer viewing and listening is now done on a smart phone or tablet.

With that in mind, Radio 1 is getting a video channel on iPlayer to transform it from "being just a radio station into being a full audio-visual channel." With clips such as a Kanye West interview hitting 3m views on YouTube, the new channel will feature exclusive performances and interviews, from the studio and the Live Lounge or events like the Big Weekend.

The BBC is due to have its license fee arrangement renewed in 2016, and celebrates its centenary in 2022.

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