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Microsoft Surface Go gets LTE Advanced option

Now you can get more on-the-go in your Go.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Microsoft's most diminutive Surface tablet, the Surface Go, follows in the footsteps of its older and since-replaced brother the Surface Pro by getting an option to configure it with LTE Advanced connectivity.

It's only difference from the current model is the addition of a Nano SIM tray and the relevant antennas, which add about 0.4 oz/10 grams to the weight and seems to shave about 30 minutes off the nine-hour battery life.

Based off the highest-end Wi-Fi configuration with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage, it costs $550 (£510, AU$840). The same consumer configuration with LTE adds $130, or $680 (directly converted, £524 and AU$940). The commercial version is $730 (about £562 and AU$1,010), but that has a 256GB option as well. Preorders start Monday for select markets, and Microsoft expects it to be available in 23 markets by Nov. 22.

Of course, the keyboard and stylus are still extra.

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