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FirstBuild Precision Bakeware tells you when your cheesecake is ready

The first batch of the $100 pan has already sold out.


FirstBuild, the microfactory that's a part of GE Appliances, this week released a $100 springform pan as part of the Precision Bakeware System that lets you monitor the internal temperature of what you're cooking from your phone. That's made possible by a temperature probe that fits through the side of the pan and communicates via Bluetooth with the FirstBuild app so you can see the temperature of your dish in real time. FirstBuild is only making the pan in small batches, and the first group of pans has already sold out (you can sign up on FirstBuild's website to receive a notification when the next batch is ready).

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We first heard about GE's line of FirstBuild Precision Bakeware in 2017. At the time of the announcement, the pans were designed to connect to GE's Wi-Fi-enabled ovens. However, FirstBuild wanted to open up the product to more people, so the pan released this week works with any oven brand, according to a spokeswoman.

I see the advantages of having a pan that makes it easier to track internal baking temperatures. The temperature probe appears to fit smoothly through the pan to reach the center, which eliminates the need to use a kitchen thermometer or toothpick to poke holes throughout the top. However, $100 is a lot to pay for just one pan, especially when you can buy a wireless thermometers to use with the bakeware you already have. This could be helpful for novice bakers, and I'm eager to see this system extended to other types and sizes of pans. 

FirstBuild Precision Bakeware