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Chef IQ brings smart cooking guidance to Chefman appliances at CES 2019

Chef IQ adds app control and cooking guidance to Chefman's line of smart appliances.


Chefman, maker of small kitchen appliances debuted its Chef IQ app at CES. The cooking app connects via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to Chefman's line of smart appliances

Within the app you can view recipes, control appliances and monitor the cooking process. Select recipes also include step-by-step video guidance. In addition to recipes and cooking guides, Chef IQ has a calculator to provide you with the exact cooking values you need to achieve perfect results. Those values are calculated based on the appliance being used. 

The guided cooking feature directs users through a recipe by using detailed videos of each step, all while integrating a cooking timer and temperature monitor. 

Chef IQ is compatible with several Chefman kitchen appliances including the Smart Sous Vide, the Smart 6 Tray Dehydrator. It also works with two upcoming appliances that aren't yet available -- the Smart Pressure Cooker with Integrated Scale and Smart Toaster Oven Air Fryer. 

The Chef IQ app is currently in beta and will be available for iOS and Android devices summer 2019. 

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