Best photo apps for iPhone

Whether you want to add filters to your photos or adjust the finer details like color levels and saturation, we've got a collection of apps with all the right tools.

Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

Camera+ (99 cents)
Camera+ is a solid image-editing tool that makes creating cool-looking shots easy, and all the upgrades since its release mean it has tons of useful tweaks. You can use digital-camera-like scenes to apply common camera effects in specific situations like simulated flash, sunset, backlit images, and portraits. You also can crop your images to your specs or select from several standard sizes.

When you want to add filters and effects, Camera+ makes it easy with a gridlike layout you can touch to see nuanced or drastic changes to your original image. The filters are organized by category so you can zero in on the specific look you want.

Camera+ is a popular app for a reason -- it simply makes adding photo filters incredibly easy. Anyone who wants well-rounded photo effects in an image-editing tool should try this app.

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