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Anime streamer Crunchyroll swells past 1M paid subscribers

Crunchyroll, a purveyor of anime video online, just reached a milestone.


The anime series that stream on Crunchyroll include "Yuri on Ice," which follows the career of a Japanese figure skater.


It turns out that anime fans will pay for their content fix, and in a big way. The online anime subscription service Crunchyroll said Thursday that paid memberships have surpassed the 1 million mark.

The milestone at San Francisco-based Crunchyroll, which is backed by telecom giant AT&T through a joint venture, is an example of how relatively niche genres can root out a paying audience for video online.

A million paid subscribers puts Crunchyroll in the same league as the CBS All Access and Showtime online TV subscriptions, which each had a million members as of July. (Editors' note: CBS is the parent company of CNET.)

HBO's high-profile HBO Now service this week disclosed it has 2 million subscribers.