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Amazon Prime Day 2019: When is it, what's coming and how can I get the best deals?

Tips, predictions, current deals and more for the company's big summer sale.

Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images

Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner. Well, OK, it's two streets over, down the block a bit and then around the corner, but it's never too early to start planning. These are deals we're talking about, people!

Although Amazon has yet to announce the exact dates for Prime Day 2019, which will again offer site-wide discounts on par with Black Friday, we know a few things. Based on the patterns of the past few Prime Days, here's what we've determined:

  • Prime Day 2019 will almost certainly happen in mid-July.
  • It'll probably span more than one day. In 2017, Prime Day started late on a Monday and ended early on Wednesday. Last year, it lasted 36 hours, starting on Monday, July 16.
  • The biggest discounts are likely to apply to Amazon's own products and brands, including the full range of Echo speakers, Fire tablets and Fire TV streamers, Kindle readers, Blink cameras and so on.

Obviously we'll keep you posted once we get more news about dates, deals and everything else.

What kind of deals should I expect?

Good ones -- especially on the aforementioned Amazon gear, which will almost certainly match or even beat Black Friday pricing -- to say nothing of Prime Day 2018 pricing. In fact, some devices are already on sale. Here are some current prices and their Prime Day 2018 counterparts:

Amazon gear: Current prices vs. Prime Day 2018

Product Current price* Prime Day 2018 price
Cloud Cam $120 $60 See it at Amazon
Echo $100 $70 See it at Amazon
Echo Dot $30 $30 See it at Amazon
Fire 7 tablet $50 $30 See it at Amazon
Fire HD 8 tablet $100 $50 See it at Amazon
Fire HD 10 tablet $150 $100 See it at Amazon
Fire TV Cube $70 $90 See it at Amazon
Fire TV Recast $180 $180 See it at Amazon
Fire TV Stick $25 $20 See it at Amazon
Kindle Paperwhite $130 $80 See it at Amazon

*Items already on sale are shown in bold.

My guess is we'll see similar Prime Day 2019 prices on most of these items, but maybe a few deals that are even better. Indeed, the Fire TV Cube is already priced $20 less than it was in 2018!

Where can I find more Prime Day advice?

It's never too early to start learning the tricks of the Prime Day trade. For now, you can check out my main stories from last year:

Should I sign up for Amazon Prime now?

The big sale is exclusively for Amazon Prime subscribers, and an annual subscription costs $119 (or $13 per month if you don't want to pay all at once).

Worth it? If you're getting it just for Prime Day, then probably not. But Prime affords a whole bunch of other benefits, not the least of which are free two-day shipping on most products and lots of movies and TV shows from Prime Video.

If you don't want to pay for Prime but do want access to the Prime Day deals, here's one strategy: Sign up for Amazon's free 30-day Prime trial a few days before the sale. The only catch: That's for new subscribers only, so if you've done the trial or been a member before, you can't get another trial.

I can't wait for July. Where can I find good deals now?

Yes, July is still many weeks away, but there are still deals to be had. For starters, though we just passed Mother's Day, which gave us the Kindle Paperwhite for $40 off and sales on many Echo products, Father's Day is coming soon -- and it's a good bet Amazon will repeat those deals.

In the meantime:

Check out Amazon's Deals Page, which is updated daily. 

Read my own Cheapskate feed, where I identify great deals every weekday.

Check out CNET Deals, where we share a variety of deals from our retail partners and the web at large. 

Originally published April 3, 2019.
Update, May 13: Added comparison of current versus Prime Day 2018 prices.

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