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YaDoggie Bluetooth dog food scoop tracks who feeds your pup

The scoop has a light that will turn red if someone has already fed the dog.

Ashlee Clark Thompson/CNET

A dog-food delivery company has a solution to keep your pup honest on whether he or she has eaten today: a Bluetooth-connected food scoop and app that keeps track of who fed the dog. YaDoggie (pronounced "Yeah, doggie") showed off its smart scoop at the CES tech show in Las Vegas Monday.

YaDoggie is like a Blue Apron for dogs: It delivers its brand of dog food and treats to your door so you'll always have your pooch's food on deck. You'll have to sign up for a subscription plan before you can get the smart scoop, which will be available in the spring.

The YaDoggie scoop will connect to an iOS app on your phone through a Bluetooth connection. A small light on the scoop will turn green if no one has picked up the scoop and connected with the app that day, which means you're good to feed your dog. The light will turn red if the app has detected that someone has used the scoop. The app will also tell you who has fed the dog based on whose phone is closest to the scoop.

I understand how a smart scoop could be useful in a house with more than one person who's responsible for the dog. For example, if my husband feeds our dog, Dolly, in the morning and she eats all her food, I might see an empty bowl in the afternoon and wonder if the dog has eaten that day (I speak from personal experience). But the solution is usually a phone call to my husband, not a brand-new smart device. The scoop is a good value-add for a dog food subscription company, but it's probably not strong enough to stand on its own.

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