This new Electrolux fridge will stop your beer from exploding

The appliances brand brought all sorts of cool tricks to IFA 2019. Here are our favorites.

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Electrolux is smartening its appliances with a variety of cameras and sensors. On Thursday at the IFA tech show here in Berlin, the Swedish appliance giant showcased a bunch of new large appliances with clever features to make using them easier. Here are the highlights:

  • The Cookview Oven will use a combination of steam and heat to quickly prepare your food. The oven also has a camera on the handle so you can keep an eye on your food as it cooks. A representative mentioned that customers in the past had trouble knowing how to use steam, so the app for the oven will help guide you to the right setting. You'll also be able to control the oven with voice controls through Google Assistant
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  • MultiChill is an upcoming feature for the company's four-door fridges . You'll be able to customize the temperature of the middle door, as is usual for that kind of fridge. Set it to your preferred temp for fish, beer, fruit or cheese and it can comply. You can even turn it into a freezer. The coolest aspect of the drawer is that it will send you an alert before your drinks freeze. Tell the app what drinks you'd like to chill and it will suggest a temperature and an appropriate amount of time. The app will send you an alert when the time is up, so you don't forget about your beverage and come back to an exploded can of beer. 
  • Another upcoming refrigerator model from Electrolux will have steel on the interior. Lots of fridges use stainless steel on the exterior for the sake of style. The inner steel will supposedly help the fridge maintain a cool temp and quickly return to its set point after you open a door. 
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  • A few years ago, Electrolux showed off an awesome ComfortLift dishwasher that lifts the bottom tray of dishes to waist level as you pull it out for easier loading and unloading. This year, it's introducing a connected ComfortLift model. 

This washer and dryer offer matching cycles. 

  • A new washer and dryer pair will provide matching programs. Pick your favorite cycle and put your clothes in the washer. When they're done, you can transfer them to the dryer and the dryer will start into its part of the matching program -- no further button presses required.
  • Electrolux debuted an ultrasonic stain pen to pre-treat your clothes without damaging the fabric. 
  • Electrolux is bringing Smarter Fridge Cams into the company's connected models, so you can check on your groceries when you're at the store.

The wireless and battery-less probe works with the connected cooktop. 

Andrew Hoyle/CNET
  • Finally, the company is showing off a wireless and battery-less temperature probe to pair with the SensePro Hob introduced last year. You'll be able to carefully track the internal temp of whatever meat you're preparing on the cooktop. You can also use the combination of cooktop and probe to cook using the sous vide water bath style. The temperature probe uses a simple antenna to send signals to the Hob. The Hob then does the heavy lifting by interpreting the frequency of that signal to a temperature and sending that reading to your app. The probe can supposedly take readings up to three times per second.

Electrolux hasn't announced pricing for these smart appliances and features yet, and it might be a while before we see them in the US. The ComfortLift Dishwasher still hasn't made the trek over the Atlantic. I'd certainly like a fridge to tell me before my beer froze, but for now, I'll just need to be a little jealous of Europeans and add it to my wish list. 

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