The future of makeup counters comes to CES 2019

The Future X Smart Store by SK-II scans your face for a beauty retail experience based on your flaws.

Molly Price Former Editor

Procter & Gamble is exploring the future of beauty retail. The SK-II Future X Smart Store launched in Tokyo in May 2018, followed by Shanghai and Singapore and made its way to the US for CES 2019. The Future X Smart Store is built around the concept of merging the physical and digital for what SK-II calls a "phygital" (yes, really) retail environment. 

It begins with a scan of your face in a booth, where you'll be recognized and guided through the store with recommendations specific to your skin and its apparent age. You'll also get results based on five key metrics: Radiance, spot control, firmness, wrinkle resilience and texture. 


The Smart Beauty Bar guides you through personalized product recommendations.

Angela Lang/CNET

Your skin analysis translates into a personalized product browsing experience. Pick up a bottle at the Smart Beauty Bar and learn how it will or won't help you achieve beautiful skin via a digital, countertop interface.

When you're ready to pay for your products, you'll head to a mapping table that tracks your hand motions and allows you to add items to your digital shopping cart with a wave of your hand. 

The Future X Smart Store also showed off a new, smart packaging bottle called the Facial Treatment Essence Smart Bottle. It tracks your use of your skin care product at home and works with a companion app to customize your skincare regimen. 

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