SimCam can alert you if you left the fence open at CES 2019

You can train SimCam to monitor specific locations and even specific objects.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer
2 min read

SimCam is a smart security monitor with a few impressive specs: It can rotate 360 degrees, it has night vision, it works with Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant, and it can even supposedly recognize faces with 99.4 percent accuracy. But the coolest thing about this cam isn't the facial recognition -- the manufacturer says it can also recognize and remember objects.

Set to be released in February, the SimCam is on display at CES 2019. It's from a subsidiary of drone company Simtoo called SimCam Labs.

According to the company, you can train the SimCam to monitor precise locations and objects and the cam uses a patented physical object monitoring technology to let you know if something changes. The company provided a fence and a package as examples: You can get an alert on the app that will specifically tell you that the fence was left open or when it was closed.

The cam also sports a Sony IMX 1/2.3" 5-megapixel image sensor and has an open SDK so avid users can program even more functions for it. Hopefully it'll be intuitive enough so that you won't have to be a programmer to "train" this camera and take advantage of the advanced smarts it has to offer.

At the very least, it will be reasonably priced. SimCam will be $139 as opposed to $200 or more for popular smart cams like Nest Cam. That's about £110 or AU$195.

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