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Sell your old Amazon Echo: Tips for trading it in for fast cash

Trade in your old Echo and Amazon will give you money or discounts on new stuff.

Brian Bennett Former Senior writer
Brian Bennett is a former senior writer for the home and outdoor section at CNET.
Brian Bennett
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Trade in your old Echo for a newer third-generation model.

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Why let your old Amazon Echo sit around gathering dust? Amazon will not only pay you cold hard cash for it, it will even give you an additional discount toward a current model. 

All you have to do is ship your outdated gear to Amazon. How deep a price cut and cash amount you'll get depends on a few factors. These include the specific Echo you have, and how recently you bought it. Here's how it works.

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One Amazon Echo for another 

There are a few big incentives to use Amazon trade-in. The first is money. Amazon will appraise the value of your device, then supply that dollar amount as an Amazon gift card. You can spend that cash on anything in the retailer's massive product library. You can put this money toward purchasing a new Echo speaker, too.

Secondly, Amazon will cut 25% off the list price of "qualifying" new Echo gadgets. Also welcome is that Amazon won't hit you with extra fees, and shipping your old Echo back to them is free.

Amazon's trade-in program does have some drawbacks. The most annoying is that Amazon sets the price, and you don't. Worse, Amazon's price is typically much less than what you paid originally.

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Amazon trade-in tips

  • You'll get the most for your money if your Echo units are functional, with minimal damage.
  • If there is damage, you might get less money after Amazon appraises the item.
  • It's free to ship trade-in devices back.
  • Only select Echo products are eligible for trade-in.

How much will Amazon pay?

Here's a list of Echo devices that currently are part of Amazon's trade-in program, and how much you'll get for them:

Can I sell my Echo somewhere else?

While many internet resellers specialize in tech gadgets, few deal in smart speakers. One website, Swappa, does provide a market for Amazon Echo products. Whatever price you set though, there's no guarantee there will be any takers, so you may experience some back and forth while you try to entice a buyer. Facebook Marketplace and eBay are other options, too. If you're looking for more options, here are the best places to sell your old electronics.

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