Print a scent at CES 2019: Airia dispenses fragrance via inkjet technology

This fragrance printing machine aims to keep odors consistent in your home with micron-level consistency.

Molly Price Former Editor

Procter & Gamble's Life Lab booth at CES 2019 was full of future-focused tech including the Airia, the company's app and voice controllable fragrance dispenser. 

The Airia is about as big as an Amazon Echo or Google Home speaker and sits on a shelf or table in the center of your home. It uses inkjet printing technology, just like your friendly at-home printer. 


A glimpse at the Airia's inkjet printing technology.

Angela Lang/CNET

Inside the Airia is a cartridge with 32 nozzles that pull fragrance from its reservoir into individual chambers. Each chamber contains a heater that heats the fragrance oil and causes a bubble that ejects the scent into the air.  

Because the droplets are 20 to 30 microns in size (that's about half the width of a human hair), they can ride the natural airflow of your home and deliver consistent fragrance. 

The team at Airia recommends using one device per floor of your home for best results, and says each device can freshen up to 2,500 square feet depending on your floor plan. 

You can control the Airia using your voice, the Airia app or buttons on the device. The app enables scheduling, intensity control and on/off control, as well as letting you know when your cartridge is low and helping you reorder supplies. 

The Airia retails for $200 and includes one fragrance cartridge that lasts approximately 600 hours. 

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